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A simple information on how to use snipping tool in Mac and the list of 11 best external snipping tools for mac free to download

Taking screenshots is becoming a trend nowadays. Everybody uses this feature to make memes, to take screenshots of important notes, important scenes in movies for memes of course, etc. It is also very useful for users to send images to companies for bugs in their applications. In case, users need support in a buggy area of the application, they can take screenshots and send the image to the support service.

In Windows, there is a great snipping and editing tool. But in Mac, it's great but we can have more advanced snipping tools in Mac. We'll discuss it later. But first, let's talk about how to use Snipping Tool in Mac OS. So, let's get started.

How to Use Snipping Tool in Mac - TechHarry

As we now know there are many uses of snipping in macOS, and Windows operating systems. But do you know there are multiple ways to take screenshots in Mac? While there are many advanced snipping tools available for Mac too, an in-built snipping tool is useful too. Let's see how we can use Snipping Tools in Mac.

Snipping Tool Shortcut in Mac

There is a simple but useful shortcut key combination for snipping tools in Mac.

What is the macOS snipping tool shortcut? The shortest answer to “how to snip on Mac?” is to press ⇧⌘5. This shortcut key combination will open a small menu at the bottom with some options to choose from. Earlier than this shortcut key, users have to press ⇧⌘3 for full-screen capture and ⇧⌘4 for selecting an area to take screen prints of. Both of those old shortcut keys still work as usual.

After pressing the ⇧⌘5 shortcut key, the small menu option will be opened and it will include the following options to choose from.

  • Capture Full Screen in Mac
  • Capture Selected Window or a particular part of Mac window
  • Caption Selected Area
  • Video Record Entire Screen
  • and Video Record Selected Area.

You are also allowed to change the save screenshot location option, set a timer, and choose whether to show the mouse pointer or not.

Do you know, the built-in Mac Snippet Tool also allows users to take screenshots of the Touch Bar?

  • To save a screenshot of the Touch Bar, press ⇧⌘6.
  • To copy what you see on the Touch Bar on the clipboard, press ^⇧⌘6.

You can customize your Mac keyboard shortcuts by visiting System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Screenshots.

What is the best snipping tool free for Mac?

There are many screen print tools available for Mac for free to download to cover every need possible. After coming down here, you have definitely understood "how to use snippet tool in mac", "how much Mac's in-built snippet tool can do" and "there are more snippet tools which are more advanced than the Mac OS' own snippet tool". Yes, you read it correctly. There are more wonderful snippet tools for Mac OS which are available in the market. But, now we'll unfold the 11 best snippet tools you can install on your Mac device.

1. LightShot

2. SnapnDrag

3. Snagit

4. Skitch

5. Greenshot

6. Droplr

7. RecordIt

8. MonoSnap

9. CloudApp

10. Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

11. Loom Screen Recorder

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