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Work from home and earn great. Everybody wants this type of work and gets paid as they were working in their offices. Be freelancers and the work-from-home job is yours. But sometimes freelancers have to take care of how they are going to get paid if the client is from abroad. In this case, payment gateways companies take place.

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateways, as its name suggests, are a path from which your payment comes to your bank account with a little fee from anywhere around the globe. In simple words, if you don't have a bank account in that country from where your client is gonna send you the payment and you need that payment you connect your country's reputable bank account with a company that offers you their account to get the payment and send back to you in return of some commission.

In this way, you get the payment from anywhere on the planet by paying a little fee of commission to the company. Simple, right? Definitely.

If you are an e-commerce store owner, or you have a dropshipping business, these jobs must require a payment gateway if your targeted audience is far from your country. At this time, if you have an account with a reputed payment gateway company, you are saved otherwise you are screwed. Payment Gateways, nowadays, are used by millions because they are fast, secure, and trustworthy.

But not everything you see can be trustworthy, you know? How do you find the best payment gateway company to get your international payments direct to your bank account?

You don't actually need to, because this TechHarry article will tell you the best and the most trustworthy payment gateways you can create your account on without wasting your single minute on trash payment gateways.

So, without wasting time anymore, let's get started.

Best Payment Gateways to Send/Receive International Payments

1. Paypal (The Best Payment Gateway with 25 Currencies Supported)

Paypal World's best International Payment Processing Company Logo

Paypal is an American e-commerce payment platform that offers you the support of 25 different currencies. Companies use Paypal to send and receive payments to other companies or clients. You just need your client's email address to ask for the money or if your client's in front of you, you can copy their Paypal QR Code to directly send payments.

It is very easy to buy or sell using your mobile phone on any merchant website or app. Paypal operates in 203 countries and it supports widely used credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, etc.

Paypal also offers its users a merchant website integration feature that allows them to embed a Paypal button to receive donations and payments.

2. Amazon Pay (Easy to use Payment Gateway, supports 12 Currencies)

Amazon Pay logo

You already are known to the world's biggest e-commerce website, Amazon.com. They also offer Amazon Pay which is a payment gateway developed for merchants and shoppers.

It is very easy to use, and payments are fast and secure. Amazon Pay offers the support of 12 currencies including the Australian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, United States Dollar, and 8 more. The payment gateway is developed to provide the users a smooth shopping experience for both online retailers and sellers.

Amazon Pay offers great deals and cashback too which attracts users to use it more often. It also features fraud protection, customer identity, inline checkout, automatic payments, and also merchant website integration.

3. Skrill (Supports 40 Currencies without integration)

Skrill International Payment Gateway Logo

Skrill is one of the most popular payment gateway companies around the world. It is one of the most successful payment gateways based in the UK. They understand the modern payment needs when it concerns payment processing and money transferring.

You know the main similarity between Skrill and Paypal is that they both offer email transactions notifications. Skrill is also known for its competitive fees, exchange rates, and fast money transfer.

This payment gateway company also offers international transfers using debit and credit cards. Skrill supports 40 different currencies that help customers to purchase products and services worldwide.

4. Stripe (Supports 135+ Currencies)

Stripe International Payment Gateway Company Logo

Stripe is a cloud payment gateway platform that allows merchants to accept and manage online transactions anywhere in the world. Merchants and vendors can get online payments from anywhere in the world.

It offers complete payment solutions to process online payments and also features a custom UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, consolidated reports, and much more. It offers a very handy mobile customer interface, multi-currency payouts, clean canvas, collaboration notes, full privacy, and an ultra-secure network.

With the help of the Stripe payment gateway, website owners can also integrate Stripe for quick transactions on their websites and even they can add a subscription model for recurring billing for SaaS or e-commerce business.

5. Payza (Supports 22 Different Currencies)

Payza International Payment Company Logo

Payza is an easy-to-use, very convenient, fast, and secure payment gateway solution for small to large businesses that allow them to send and accept payments over the world.

There are mainly two types of accounts available in Payza i.e. Personal account for personal use and a Business account for businesses with bigger and more complex needs. Payza payments gateway company supports 22 different currencies in over 190 available countries.

It is one of the most promising companies that bridge the gaps between different countries when it comes to sending and receiving payments globally. It is centralized management with a very helpful support team. Users can also send requests for payments through Payza.

Other features include adding money to a Payza account, withdrawing money, securing online payments, payment buttons, and shopping cart integration.

6. 2Checkout (Supports 87 Currencies + 15 Languages)

2checkout international payment processing company

2Checkout is a popular payment management and payment gateway company that allows users to accept payments from buyers around the world. It has many international and local payment features including recurring billing, Level 1 PCI data security standard, Multiple payment options, Customized checkout options, and Integration with 100+ online carts and systems.

More than 20,000 startups and fortune 500 companies use 2Checkout for their payments. Users can also create customized subscription plans. This payment gateway supports 87 different currencies with the support of 15 languages over 37 countries in North & Central America, 61 countries in Europe, 51 countries in the Asia Pacific, 71 countries in Africa & Middle East, and 14 countries in Latin America.

7. WorldPay (UK's #1 Payment Gateway Company)

WorldPay - Best International Payment Processing Company in the United Kingdom

WorldPay is the #1 payment gateway company in the United Kingdom. It is taking place in more than half of the UK's payment processes. It is the No.1 ultra-secure payment method in the UK.

WorldPay accepts all major cards to send payments. If you're not aware of this, WorldPay offers the United States' best-ever secure platform to send/receive payments. But one disadvantage of this payment gateway company is that it has a fixed monthly charge of Gateway Standard plan costs £19/month, plus a 2.75% (credit cards) or 0.75% (debit cards) transaction fee.

In case you don't know, WorldPay doesn't offer e-commerce transactions. That's why it has to integrate with Wix or BigCommerce in order to go online.

8. Paytm (India's #1 Payment Gateway Company)

Paytm India's Best Payment Processing Company

As you know India comes second place in the population and Paytm is the most popular payment gateway company in India. It allows Indians to send or receive payments in India locally. More than 130million Indians use Paytm on a monthly basis. People go shopping, buy products online or pay water bills, electricity bills, etc. using Paytm.

For more customers, Paytm supports more than 10 different regional languages. For sending the merchants money, it offers an in-built QR code scanner, and as opposed to it, the users also get QR codes for receiving money.

It works 24/7 and it offers a great support team through email and phone calls also. Recently, Paytm has listed as India's biggest IPO raised 18,300 Crore Indian Rupees equivalent to $2.41 Billion USD which is said to be India's biggest Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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