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Best Accounting Software for Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Startups

Money in and money out. Everybody thinks about it most often. The most important way to manage everything is by managing the money. Businesses and startups hire accountants in the first place when they start from the very scratch.

The software accountants use /or can use to manage a company's finances is called accounting software. There are many accounting software available online which is acquired by companies and startups. But as we know, only selected softwares are ruling the accounting software market. But what if I tell you there are hundreds of other software like these that are available that can be more affordable, easy to use, and don't need much experience to learn.

Yes, there is much financial software or we can say accounting software available in the market that can help you manage the incoming and outgoing finances of the company. But choosing the best software which would not be very costly, which is easy to learn, and we get excellent behind-the-desk support from the developers.

Most tools will help you track and manage all your businesses' finances in one dashboard. Choosing the best accounting software can also help you in automating the company's finance operators will reduce errors and save your time.

Best Online Accounting Software for Every Business and Startup

1. Oracle Netsuite ERP

NetSuite is a unified Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It helps organizations achieve business growth and progress by optimizing business processes. It automates the business processes and stores the activities in a cloud platform with high-end performance. The software efficiently improves the financial processes and enhances business reporting. What things are costing the most and what money comes in and out, everything is managed by the Netsuite ERP accounting software. Data storage and fast cloud security are the main reasons why you should get your hands on it.

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2. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a multi-purpose accounting software to manage everything that comes related to money management. It offers automatic bank feeds, a collaborative client portal, accounting & taxing features, online payments, invoice templates, and analytical reports. It is an end-to-end accounting tool for every type of business which are managing finances across an entire organization. It is a web-based system which means users can access it using the web browser without any need of installing or downloading it. Accountants can manage previous invoices, perform automatic recurring invoices, set up payment reminders, and also receive payments through online payment gateways.

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3. Tally Prime

Tally Prime was first launched as Tally ERP9 and now it has become one of the most used accounting software in the world. The software offers one of the most adaptable inventory management systems that feature Tally Prime like godown management, multiple stock valuation, manufacturing, batch, and expiry dates, job costing, and inventory reports. Businesses can also create on-go invoices, insightful business reports, GST-compliant invoices, etc. In case you're having issues with money management, Tally Prime helps you optimize cash flows and enhanced in-depth management.

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4. Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50Cloud is another very popular accounting and cash-flow management software used by many companies and businesses. Its cash-flow manager is a powerful invoicing system and you can have records of previous transactions and deals with it. If an organization has a credit with your company, Sage 50Cloud also has the power to record the data, create invoices, and bank feeds, and even automate all of these things. The inventory management system of this accounting software is so advanced that it clearly tracks every single account detail i.e. item information, sales account, inventory account, and cost of sales account. Then it computes and tracks costs and quantities by item code daily and adjusts inventory automatically each time you post-purchase or sale. Other features of Sage 50Cloud are automated reporting, simplified payroll, and insights of all jobs and projects plus it offers Sage Security Shield to protect small and medium-sized businesses with an industry-first security shield.

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5. Busy Accounting

Busy Accounting software is a very powerful GST-compliant business accounting software that makes it easier to manage all the companies' finances, including return filing, E-way bills, and E-invoice IRN. It is based in India and mainly focuses on GST invoicing, and GST-related needs. The inventory management system of this professional accounting software is enriched with very useful features and can generate comprehensive analysis reports for various items. It lets you control every single business process including invoicing, customer relationship management, payroll, and inventory management with real-time monitoring while creating and recording in-depth financial records. For sales tax reports, Busy accounting software is capable of generating state-wise tax reports and has VAT(Value Added Tax) registers as per customer needs. Although, using this finance software is very easy but in case you get in any trouble they offer inquiry and support management too to resolve your issues.

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6. Xero

Xero is web-based accounting software mainly for small businesses and startups located in New Zealand. It is mainly used by accountants and bookkeepers. It is so easy to use that it doesn't require any prior knowledge of accounting. While it is web-based accounting software, it can also be accessed from Android or iOS devices using its cloud storage feature. Business owners can send invoices to their clients, create expense claims, etc. It supports Fast bank reconciliation. It can also integrate with your financial institution and over 800 add-on apps. Users can be aware of their cash flows and have up-to-date financial reports. The collaboration system of this software is another advantage of using Xero as your accounting software.

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7. QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software in Canada. It makes the accountants' life easier and helps to make financial management easier. It serves as a great tool for business owners, bookkeepers, etc. It syncs the business into one dashboard. A very important feature of QuickBooks is its auto-reminder feature which automatically sends payment reminders to the clients. Accountants can even customize payment receipts, create customer groups, advanced bank feeds, etc. If either you're struggling with employee receipts or your employees are struggling to keep track of their receipts, QuickBooks can even help in this matter. Tracking invoices' history is also possible with this software. After using the software, it basically attracts small & medium-sized businesses more than the larger ones but offers a great user interface and features for accounting work.

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8. ProfitBooks

The ProfitBooks software is not only accounting software but this helps businesses process the accounts and then lets you calculate ways to make more profits. It offers a simple user interface and offers everything under your control in any circumstance or wherever you are. Creating balance sheets is so easy that you can easily understand which product is more profitable, find out your highest paying customers, receive payments & sending invoices, quicker work than manual work, etc. are very easy to perform. ProfitBooks is easy to use and costs almost nothing. You will know the payable or receivable amounts for Service Tax, VAT, and other taxes. All the detailed reports are just a click away. You can create professional invoices, and email your customers with a few clicks.

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9. Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP is one of the best accounting software for malls, supermarkets, automobile spare parts dealers, and other small businesses to track their finances and other accounts. It mainly focuses on handling bills, accounting, and inventory management with ease. It has a very simple user interface but it has a very powerful system that can create thousands of invoices per financial year. Up to twenty-five thousand SKUs, customers, and ledgers can be maintained and tracked simultaneously. It offers live online support as well as documentation for helping the users manually. They also offer customer support via chat services. Although Horizon costs around $150USD for a one-time payment you can also use a free trial.

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