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With the adaption of Bitcoin & Ethereum for leading the whole crypto market, there are many cryptocurrencies that are being launched every year. As you know Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency launched on the blockchain. But Ethereum is known for its unique feature of powering extremely useful cryptocurrencies. The more the cryptocurrencies, the harder it will be to track them.

Ethereum is an ERC-20 blockchain that empowers thousands of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). After 2017, tons of cryptocurrencies were launched using this blockchain. Therefore, with the launching of these thousands of cryptocurrencies, it has become harder for investors to track their investments.

For resolving this crypto tracking issue, many companies have started providing services like cryptocurrency tracking software or crypto tracking websites. In this manner, CoinStats have been developed.

CoinStats is a crypto-tracking web-based application that takes care of all of your investments and holdings. The main purpose of this crypto portfolio manager is to simply track any cryptocurrency. It mainly focuses on Ethereum and DeFi crypto projects.

On CoinStats, users are also capable of syncing their Metamask, Ledger, and other Ethereum-based wallets directly with their CoinStats profile. This means you can easily track all of your Ethereum-ecosystem cryptos in one place without going here and there.

For detailed features of CoinStat, stay together in this article. We have covered everything in this article. So, let's begin our journey!

CoinStats Review


  • Provides additional information on specific crypto coins and tokens
  • Best for traders mainly focused on the Ethereum ecosystem
  • An entry-level version of the app is available for free
  • Best for trading communities
  • 8,000+ Cryptocurrencies supported
  • Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

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  • Offers free and paid versions of the app
  • Available on all platforms i.e. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS
  • Works well with the Ethereum ecosystem to track Ethereum and other DeFi projects
  • 24-hour cryptocurrency report useful for daily recaps
  • Discounts on paid versions of the app for trading communities
  • Supports more than 8,000 crypto assets and 300 exchanges


  • Missing some main features in the free version
  • Many major wallets are not supported
  • Paid versions of the app can cost as much as $19.99 per month

Reasons for Getting CoinStats

As you all know, there are lots of highly functional crypto portfolio trackers available in the market right now. But what makes CoinStats a great choice for you then? First thing CoinStats offer is the power to track every Ethereum ecosystem of crypto coins and tokens in such an easy way that is comparably very difficult for most of the other portfolio trackers. Each developer has put their mind and power to such an extent that this software has now made its place and its popularity is increasing day by day.

As we already said, the main difference between CoinStats and other crypto portfolio tracking giants is its main focus on the Ethereum ecosystem. As a crypto trader, you must know that the Ethereum ecosystem has a wide range of amazing & useful projects including major DeFi projects, crypto wallets like Coinbase, Metamask, etc. Track these major projects is the main focus of this crypto tracker. Although there are many decentralized projects out there, fortunately, all major decentralized projects are made on Ethereum.

What makes CoinStats Pro Different from CoinStats Premium?

You must know that CoinStats offer its users different plans to track their crypto holdings. One is CoinStats Pro and the other is CoinStats Premium. CoinStats Pro costs around $4.99 per month whereas CoinStats Premium costs around $19.99 per month. All this price difference comes with major differences in the features section as well. In case, you are wondering why the prices are so different, further, you'll understand everything.

CoinStats Pricing: CoinStats Pro & CoinStats Premium Cost
ImageSource: CoinStats

We have mentioned the monthly plans of the app, now let's talk about what changes we can expect after paying for an annual subscription to the CoinStats app. For the annual subscription of the app, the cost of the app decreases as compared to the monthly cost of the app. Where we have to pay $4.99 per month for the monthly subscription, they charge only $3.49 per month for the CoinStats Pro annual subscription. On the other side, the annual subscription cost of CoinStats Premium is only $13.99 per month as compared to the $19.99 price of the monthly CoinStats Premium subscription.

Both of these are subscription-based app enhancement options that unfold many different features for CoinStats users. With the subscription to CoinStats Pro, you'll be able to connect 10 different exchange accounts and 10 different cryptocurrency wallets. Plus, you will be able to track up to 1,000 transactions per month with instant access to Coin Insights. Coin Insights is a special feature of the app that includes ownership reviews and analysis for a large number of crypto tokens.

CoinStats Premium takes a step further with the features. It allows users to connect an unlimited number of exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets to the app. Offering 10,000 transactions per month is also possible for CoinStats Premium users. You can also get a personal account manager with the Premium version to help with your crypto portfolio.

What Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Supported on the CoinStats App?

Although CoinStats doesn't offer as many cryptocurrency exchanges as some other crypto portfolio trackers like Blockfolio or FTX but offers major exchanges to sync your crypto portfolio, mainly with the Ethereum ecosystem. Here are some examples of available crypto exchanges that can be synced with the CoinStats account:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMax
  • BitMEX
  • Bitso
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • FTX (native support)
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • IDEX
  • Liquid
  • Kraken
  • Kucoin
  • Poloniex

Is CoinStats Safe and Secure?

While it's continually an excellent concept to take pc protection seriously, you need to heighten your recognition of the protection of your information on the subject of something related to the field of crypto. The reality of the problem is that any app that profits get access to your actual cryptocurrency holdings opens up the opportunity that you'll turn out to be dropping finances; however, the usage of a crypto portfolio tracker like CoinStats also can be performed in a secure manner. 

CoinStats itself has by no means been hacked, and they've additionally been around for some years now. Additionally, you best want to fear approximately CoinStats inflicting troubles in your crypto holdings in a state of affairs wherein you're doing real buying and selling thru the CoinStats app. If you're truly viewing your balances held in diverse exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets thru the CoinStats interface, then you may relax a chunk simpler understanding that your finances aren't at risk (as a minimum now no longer thru the CoinStats connection). Of course, you furthermore might want to ensure which you`re prescribing the real stage of getting admission to your CoinStats software has for your alternate debts as well. If you haven't any aim of buying and selling thru CoinStats, then there may be no cause at the back of permitting CoinStats to have the capacity to make trades or withdrawals thru the API keys you offer to the app. 

 If you do determine which you need to change thru the CoinStats interface, then you definitely simply want to deal with your CoinStats account like you'll deal with every other alternate account. In reality, you can need to take greater precautions because of the reality that a person with gets admission to your CoinStats account may also have to get admission to a couple of your alternate debts. That said, it's commonly first-class to truly use CoinStats to tune your portfolio as opposed to making trades if including extra cap potential protection dangers for your crypto revel in is truly now no longer really well worth it for you. 

Operating Systems Supported by CoinStats

CoinStats is one of those few portfolio tracking software that can be accessed from any device. CoinStats is available on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. For smartphones, it has individual Android and iOS apps too.

Users can also access CoinStats using their web browsers like Chrome, and Firefox on their laptops or computers. CoinStats is also available on Chrome and Firefox web extensions.

CoinStats FAQs

What is CoinStats Pro? 

CoinStats Pro is a premium version of the CoinStats app, enabling more features and better overall functionality. If you are a serious trader, we recommend upgrading to this version of the app for more exchange access and more frequent transaction tracking capabilities. Professional traders may need CoinStats Premium to allow unlimited exchange connections and professional managers of their accounts. 

CoinStats vs. Blockfolio: Which crypto portfolio tracker is better?

The choice between CoinStats and Blockfolio depends on your specific needs. However, most people will find that Blockfolio is by far the best option when it comes to crypto portfolio trackers. Blockfolio supports more cryptocurrencies and more exchanges, and the free version of the app will be more than most people need to enter the cryptocurrency market. 

In addition, Blockfolio users can trade FTX directly with the crypto tracker app for free. The main potential exception to this rule is if you are someone who is primarily focused on Ethereum and want to keep your wealth in a non-custodial wallet. CoinStats users can sync directly with Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask. Also, note that Blockfolio is not available on the desktop. This can be considered a trading breaker for some.

Is CoinStats Free?

The basic version of CoinStats is free and is useful if you are not currently trading on many different exchanges. To many crypto traders, the limitations of the free version of CoinStats make it look more like a free trial than a full version of the crypto portfolio tracker. 

However, if you become a CoinStats Pro or CoinStats Premium subscriber, you will have access to more and better features. If you don't want to spend money on the crypto portfolio app of your choice, we encourage you to consider other options. 

How do I connect my Ethereum wallet to CoinStats?

Perhaps the best feature of CoinStats is that it can be easily integrated with various Ethereum-focused cryptocurrency wallets. These include MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, EthereumWallet, and more. By integrating your Ethereum wallet with your CoinStats account, you can better track the cryptographic tokens held in that wallet in real-time.

To add a wallet to the CoinStats app, swipe all the way to the right until you see a page where you can exchange and integrate the wallet. On this page, click the Connect Wallet option. You can then select a specific Ethereum wallet to track through CoinStats. Once you have selected your wallet, you can add the Ethereum public address to CoinStats. It will be tracked for all different types of tokens in the future.

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