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Create a successful 10,000 nft art collection and sell them on OpenSea
Create a Successful 10,000 NFT Art Collection, Check on Fiverr

NFT is definitely trending and if you're also here to provide me some information on how you can create your own NFTs, you won't get anything. But you'll get your dream artist who creates hundreds and thousands of NFT arts for you so that you could also become the first millionaire in your family.

1,000 or 10,000 NFT art can be difficult to create for us. But for professional artists and freelancers, it is just a matter of time. If those freelancers are given the required time, they can even create excellent 100,000 NFT arts too and some of them may get sold for over $100,000. Have you ever heard about NFT Punk or NFT Ape? Both of these are a collection of NFT arts in which each NFT costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5 Best NFT Art Collectible Gigs on Fiverr

I will design portrait art for crypto punk nft art

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I will create a unique nft 1k 10k 100k art collection for open-sea

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I will design custom doodle art nft or cartoon style nft collection

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I will create animated nft art, loop your nft image, 3d dynamic nft


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I will create a successful 10,000 nft art collection


Check on Fiverr

NFT Art Gig can be your next step to becoming a millionaire. It is possible that one of the NFT arts sells for more than $1Million. That's why spending some hundred dollars is not a bad idea.

Services on Fiverr are outstanding, even though I personally use Fiverr to hire professionals to do my work. Fiverr is easy to use, fast payment, and very secure. In case you don't like the work, the Fiverr policy offers a money-back guarantee, and choose any other freelancer. Sometimes it happens when some freelancers don't stand up to your expectations. In that case, this money-back guarantee option is what you need.

Can anybody hire a professional on Fiverr? Yes, anyone with a verified Fiverr account can hire a professional artist to do their work. In this era, things like web3.0, nft art, and cryptocurrencies are what are trending. Everybody goes to colleges, offices, or at work, but when it comes to these trending topics everyone is interested to follow. The main purpose of all this is how normal people can become rich and get the freedom they were seeking for a long time.

But if you're an artist and want to monetize your talent, Fiverr is also a great platform to earn some passive money. Some companies even pay thousands of dollars to those artists who stand to their expectations. To get started follow the below steps.

To start selling your talent on Fiverr, go to Fiverr, create your Fiverr seller account, choose your niche and write around 100-200 characters heading, enter your selling price, publish your Fiverr gig and wait for the people to buy your services.

How to order a 10,000 NFT art gig on Fiverr? The answer is simple as well. For this purpose, you need to go to Fiverr and log in with your Fiverr account. After signing in to your account, you can search for the job you are looking for at the top search bar or you can navigate through the categories on the homepage. Then after searching for your required job, you'll get hundreds of different NFT art gigs related to your searched term.

These NFT gigs will mostly range from $5 to $10,000 per gig. You can also filter out the gigs by selecting a price range, pro services, seller ratings, etc. Pro services are generally expensive but worth the price. After choosing the seller, send the seller an at least 80 words message about your requirements for the job. If the seller is comfortable doing your work, you'll get a positive response and then you can pay him/her the payment via Fiverr using a Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Fiverr Credits, or existing Fiverr Balance. After the work is done, you will be asked about your thoughts on the project.

4 Main Reasons to Use Fiverr

1. Best Freelancing Platform for Beginners

Yes, you saw it right. Fiverr is one of those freelancing companies that offer an easy-to-use interface so that freelancers can work comfortably and independently. Fiverr also offers a learning platform called Fiverr Learning where users can enroll to gain knowledge in the most demanded freelancing jobs. That's why it is called the best freelancing platform for beginners.

2. A Huge Range of Services

If you are an experienced freelancer then you must have known that freelancers sell their services on almost every topic. The most commonly used services you can provide on Fiverr are Content Writer, NFT Development Services, Graphics Designer & Logo Designing Services, Digital Marketing Services, Music & Audio Services, Programming & Tech Services, etc.

3. Fiverr is Secure and Protects Buyers & Sellers' Identity

Fiverr is not only known for its high-quality freelance services but for private and secure communication and the secure identity of buyers as well as sellers. In this forest of tricksters and fraudsters, Fiverr tries its best to provide full security of the services. It also protects buyers' hard-earned money by sending money to freelancers after the buyers' satisfaction.

4. The Better You Work, The More You Get Clients

There is nothing wrong to say that with every successful project on Fiverr you climb one more step to success. Fiverr has a rating system that allows buyers to rate their freelancers from 0 to 5 and the more you get a rating the higher you get the level. These excellent ratings are also the reason to bring you more clients because they might be seen as a proof of trustworthy seller. Even you get those products the most in the market, which is already used by most customers again and again. So, it is said right that the more you work the more you earn well and the more you get the new clients.