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NordVPN is probably the most popular VPN in the world. With acclaimed web-wide reviews highlighting platform speed, online security tools, streaming and torrent capabilities, and web browsing tools, this is certainly a noteworthy product. 

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs in 2022. Headquartered in Panama. This VPN service provides users with a combination of fast, unbreakable encryption, and a uniquely validated no-log policy. An intuitive app packed with the best features makes NordVPN a great option for beginners and power users. 

But let's dig a little deeper with this NordVPN review. This section covers various topics. How good is this VPN for beginners and power users? What about individuals and families? What about torrents and streaming from Netflix, Hulu, and other popular platforms? And how privacy-friendly, fast and safe is it? Please read and find out! 



🥇 Overall rank:


📖 No logs policy:

No logs

💵 Price:

from $3.29/month

🖥️ Servers:

5400+ servers in 60 countries

🍿 Streaming services:

Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more

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NordVPN coupon 52% OFF

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NordVPN Merits and Demerits


  • Best Performance and Speed
  • Perceptive apps for most devices
  • Solid, Independent Audited Security Features
  • Unblocks Every Streaming Platform
  • 24/7 Excellent Customer Support
  • Affordable Price
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



  • Linux Version has no graphic interface
  • No App for Routers for Personal VPN

NordVPN is a very solid VPN choice for streaming. All major streaming platforms will be unblocked as long as the right server is found. Its SmartPlay technology plays a big role here. No inaccessible video platform was found. 

NordVPN is not disappointed when it comes to server selection. It usually offers many servers in countries with the best streaming libraries. You can access content from users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries. 

You can also install NordVPN on various devices such as Amazon FireStick and Android TV.  VPN also works with Kodi. If you install NordVPN on your router, it will also work with Roku. 

Streaming Platform

Supports NordVPN?



Amazon Prime Video








BBC iPlayer




Start Streaming with NordVPN

9 Reasons to Use NordVPN

1. First-class privacy and security 

NordVPN is headquartered in Panama. This is usually not important for most service providers, but it is important for VPN services. Panama has no data retention laws and its government does not (as far as we know) monitor the internet. This means that  NordVPN is not legally required to keep a log of your activity-perfect for your privacy! 

In addition to a good location for privacy, NordVPN also uses good encryption standards. Like all major VPN service providers, it uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

 Wait-more-To further protects your privacy, NordVPN uses your PGP key to contact you and protect your account data. The PGP key can be used to encrypt the communication between the user and NordVPN and is virtually unbreakable. 

2. Kill Switch Prevents Privacy Invasion

Kill Switch: There are two types of kill switches. Users can now choose to close certain apps or shut down their internet connection altogether in the event of an unexpected drop (system-wide kill switch).

If you're wondering what happens if you lose your connection to the NordVPN server, Kill Switch is the answer. If the NordVPN server disconnects, this feature shuts down all internet communication. Depending on the platform, two versions of the NordVPN kill switch will be used. In the Windows or Mac version, you can select an app to stop communication when something happens, but in the mobile app version, it will stop everything. This is all to prevent data leakage.

3. Double protection with Double VPN

 Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts of VPN, let's talk about what NordVPN offers, Double VPN. By connecting two VPN servers to each other, you basically get an additional layer of protection. The computer/device connects to the VPN server first, then to the second VPN server, and finally to the desired destination. In this way, the destination IP goes through two changes and the data is also doubly encrypted. Double protection, as  I said!

4. Connecting 6 Devices on Many Platform Types 

 Most of us can expect to use a VPN on several devices at once. At least on computers and mobile devices. Next, is a gadget enthusiast who has a computer, a laptop, two smartphones, two tablets, and what else does God know? 

NordVPN is intended for everyone and supports up to 6 simultaneous connections per account. This means that you can back up all your devices individually and put them on your router for security. 

 Many platform types are supported, but whatever you have is fine. The only exception is routers. This is because routers are more demanding. 

5. Fast and stable speed

I tried 5 different geographic locations around. I noticed that the farther away I was from the physical position, the longer the normal ping time, but the overall speed was very impressive. My tests are done on a 500Mbps line, from which I  get regular throughput of over 450Mbps. Of course, distance also affects the performance of the in different locations.

However, when testing a VPN, more variables are used, such as server load, server quality in a particular country, and other factors.

6. More Than 5,000 Servers In 59 Countries

With over 5,000 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN is arguably one of the leading VPN service providers today. In such a large network, there will always be sites that perform poorly compared to other sites. 

However, as you can see from previous speed tests, most core areas of strategic global locations were fine. If you're connecting to a server that isn't working as expected, I'm sure there's a better alternative nearby. Check which one is best for you. Still, for geo-locked content, Asia is working well because it has most of the great features out there and there are so many servers.

7. NordVPN has great price offers!

I just researched the cheapest ExpressVPN for $ 6.67 and was amazed by the $2.75 / month 3-year contract (the 3-year plan was abolished) and the $4.99 / month 2-year contract plan. At the same tier for a month to a year, the two prices are about the same, but NordVPN's two-year plan offers amazing value for money. 

Think of it this way they have a 30-day money-back guarantee and offer a very cheap price for long-term planning-it making the perfect consumer sensible. Looking at their one-year plans, the total price is $ 83.88. What if you could add it for only $ 12 and continue for two years? 

Unfortunately, there is only one small "but" here. NordVPN also charges value-added tax (VAT) depending on the country of origin. Not all of them are subject to VAT, but you may expect an additional charge of up to 20% (I've seen). 

8. Cryptocurrencies and Cash Accepted as Payment Methods

Regarding VPN, I don't really care about accepting checks, credit cards, and even bank drafts, but  NordVPN accepts non-crypto cash payments. I was particularly impressed with it in some places. If you live in the United States, you can pay cash at Fry's Electronics or Micro Center. For cryptocurrencies, the company accepts three types: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple

 These two payment methods are important because they cannot be tracked. After all, your privacy is why you're looking for a VPN provider, right? 

 9. Netflix Support Updates 

 A feature of Netflix is ​​that it seems to hate users who try to use VPNs to bypass local content restrictions. The company is trying to block VPN users, but NordVPN is aware of this and is constantly working to make it easier for users to access Netflix content. 

In fact, all pages of instructions on how to access local content are maintained. Instructions change from time to time. Therefore, if you encounter Netflix issues while using NordVPN, please check this page.

Some More Amazing Features to Convince You to Get NordVPN

NordVPN Unblocks Netflix

NordVPN is a great option if you want to stream Netflix from different international locations. The UK and US libraries worked properly. There were no major issues accessing Netflix Japan, which is notorious for VPNs. Learn more about how to access Netflix in Japan using NordVPN. 

Library load times vary from site to site, and in some cases, you had to try different servers for the best results. But overall, it was a very solid experience – the perfect score for NordVPN here.

As stated on the official website, NordVPN works with Netflix to unblock 15 different libraries. 

NordVPN Unblocks Hulu

NordVPN successfully unblocks Hulu. There were no issues with load times or video frame rates, and using NordVPN with Hulu was a very enjoyable experience overall. Overall, this is the top-class VPN for Hulu across the market.

NordVPN Hulu support

The resolution remained the same throughout the test-at crisp 1080p (results depend on the server and online connection selected). Overall, it's a great way to watch Hulu outside the United States. 

 Unblock HBO Max with NordVPN 

 Netflix worked when used with HBO Max. The load time was very fast and the overall experience was very similar to without a VPN. NordVPN is one of the top options for watching HBO Max outside the United States. 

 However, the overall image quality wasn't as good as  Netflix or Hulu. But it still worked perfectly and there was no stuttering at all. Therefore, we declare that NordVPN is the best option for HBO Max. Will 

NordVPN unblock BBC iPlayer, DAZN, or Disney +?

NordVPN also worked pretty well when trying to unblock other streaming platforms. However, be careful. It may take some time to find the right place or server. 

 For example, BBC iPlayer worked perfectly, with high-resolution content, uninterrupted, and faster loading times. However, it took me a long time to find a server to support it.  It was similar to Disney +. It works perfectly, but it's not just "click to see". You may need to find the right option. And while DAZN worked very well, it didn't work on US servers. 

 Overall, NordVPN is solid when it comes to streaming. We haven't found a video service that doesn't work perfectly with NordVPN yet. We recommend that you try multiple servers. If one fails, it's very likely that it will work on another server, or in some cases, another. Is 

Is NordVPN suitable and secure for torrents?

NordVPN is great for torrents. In fact, NordVPN is one of the best torrent options out there. P2P downloads do not work on all servers in the product, but there are dedicated servers around the world with fast, reliable performance. 

This can be an absolute lifesaver in countries where rapids are banned, such as Japan, Germany, and Italy. You are free to use any server for torrents. However, if P2P traffic is detected on a non-P2P server, it will automatically reconnect to a server that supports P2P. So keep this in mind if you notice strange server changes. 

NordVPN server and location 

 As a VPN service provider, NordVPN is a truly global player. Their fleet consists of 5,400 servers spread across 60 countries. Overall, it has increased significantly since 2018, when NordVPN had only about 3,300 servers.

As for locations, Europe, Asia, and the Americas are the continents with the best coverage.


Number of countries

Number of servers


37 countries

~2100 servers


13 countries

~450 servers


7 countries

~2400 servers

Rest of world

3 countries

~200 servers

Speed and performance: Is NordVPN fast?


Download speed (Mbps)

Upload speed (Mbps)
















The speed of NordVPN is very fast. Especially when using NordVPN's proprietary NordLynx protocol,  which combines speed and security. The worst dip was in the UK, but the speed was much better everywhere else. 

 In conclusion, round up the fastest log download speeds from all over the world. Here you can see that  NordVPN maintains an average of 79% of the original connection speed. 

 Compare it with the results of other popular VPN providers:


Average download speed


79% 🏆





NordVPN performance over other protocols 

 Of course, NordVPN offers more than its own NordLynx protocol. The following shows how NordVPN speeds vary depending on the tunneling protocol you use. 

The numbers shown are the average download and upload speeds from 10 different locations. 

  • NordLynx: 248.7 / 126.7 
  • IKEv2: 237.8 / 55.8 
  • OpenVPN (TCP): 36/28 
  • OpenVPN (UDP): 212.6 / 74.6 

 Even if you look at the old protocol, the speed is fast. IKEv2 is closer to NordLynx in terms of download speeds (although upload speeds are significantly slower). The worst recorded decrease was 99% and the lowest was -7%. Therefore, there are also use cases. 

As expected, the OpenVPN (TCP) version is very slow, but this is a trade-off with a more stable connection. The numbers don't look impressive at all, but they're pretty much standard overall. However, OpenVPN (UDP) is a much faster option. Depending on where you live, the speed can be reduced from 3% (UK) to 87% (Japan). Only 

NordLynx and OpenVPN (UDP) can reduce upload speeds by up to 13%. IKEv2 and OpenVPN (TCP) slow down the farther you go. Keep this in mind when uploading large data files. 

Overall, the NordVPN protocols overlap each other in this way.




Connection stability


Highest 🏆















All this data shows that NordVPN is actually a fairly fast VPN. If you choose a location not too far away, you will hardly notice that you are using a VPN. If the location is further away, it may slow down. This may be fixed by switching the tunnel protocol. Here, NordLynx is the quickest solution. Otherwise, this service provides all the tools to avoid having to wait long for a web page to load and the video to be buffered.

NordVPN Pricing 

 NordVPN does not have complex pricing schemes or complex planning options. All NordVPN pricing plans offer the same features and benefits. In addition, it is excellent in cost performance because up to 6 simultaneous connections are possible. There are three price scales in total, with different durations and subscription prices.

NordVPN Pricing

The longer the plan is executed, the greater the savings. Paying more may sound like a problem at first, but the difference in value is too big to ignore. 

Also, look at the price you pay per month. The monthly NordVPN plan costs $ 11.99 per month, but the one-year plan costs $ 4.99 per month. The two-year plan is even cheaper, at $ 3.29/ per month. It's about 3.5 times cheaper! 

NordVPN states itself: it's pretty clear where the best value is. 

There are also some great options to make this VPN even cheaper. There is a post about NordVPN coupons, which may further reduce the price.



1-month plan

$11.99 a month

1-year plan

$4.99 a month ($59.88 for a year)

2-year plan

$3.29 a month ($78.96 for two years)

As far as payment options are concerned, there are quite a few of them. There are regular credit cards, Amazon Pay, Sofort, PayPal, ACH transfers, and even prepaid cards. For more convenience, you also have the option to pay with iTunes or Google Pay. For the most privacy awareness, you also have the option to use cryptocurrencies and even buy at retail stores.

If you have a long subscription, NordVPN is at the bottom of the price range. Considering the benefits of feature packages and subscriptions, the price seems to be a bargain. 

NordVPN for free?

Yes, you can get NordVPN for free with a 7-day free trial. This way you can use NordVPN on any device. 

You need to download NordVPN on your Android device for this to work. It is also important that this account has not previously registered a NordVPN account.

After downloading the app and creating an account, start a 7-day free trial. You can then use NordVPN on other devices as well. Just download the app and log in with your current access data.

But even though you`ve downloaded the VPN on your mobile device, you can use the same credentials on all of your devices. 

After the trial period expires, a normal plan starts. Luckily, there`s a 30day moneyback guarantee, so you have a month to ask for a refund. In total, this can get you 37 days of free NordVPN. That`s plenty of time to test the waters. 

Free NordVPN is as secure as the regular version. It also uses robust military-grade encryption with a prestigious tunneling protocol. You can also connect to any server, just as you would with the paid version.

Interface and ease of use

NordVPN offers a  variety of clients and manual setup options. You can set it up on your router (if it supports IKEv2 and OpenVPN)  or use one of the applications available on your desktop and mobile devices instead. 

The NordVPN apps available on different devices are not the same.  Windows apps are by far the most powerful, but it's also worth mentioning macOS, Linux, mobile, and browser extension options. Let's take a look at each of these solutions. 


NordVPN Windows UI

The most feature-rich version of NordVPN is Windows. You can take advantage of two types of split tunneling and two types of kill switches (for specific apps and all Internet access), as well as LAN, hide, auto-connect, and pause features.

The only tunnel protocols available from clients are NordLynx and OpenVPN (UDP / TCP). If you need IKEv2, you need to use a manual setup. However, given the speed, it makes little sense to care. 

You can also take advantage of a clickable map interface that makes it easy to select the country you want to connect to. However, you can also use the country list in the sidebar. You can select a specific server or connect to the fastest server available by hovering over the country and clicking the three dots that appear. Whichever method is more convenient for you, NordVPN will cover you. 


NordVPN took a very strange approach to macOS, which seems to be primarily Apple's fault. The validation process is often time-consuming, as Apple is very careful about allowing existing apps to be updated on the App Store.

So again, NordVPN has two completely different apps for macOS. One is available on the App Store. The other can be downloaded from the official website. The latter, commonly known as the sideload version, usually has new updates, but only the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. Also, the macOS kill switch only works for certain apps, but you can't set it to stop the entire online connection once the VPN connection is broken. It also supports older versions of macOS.

NordVPN macOS UI

The App Store version supports the tunnel protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN, and NordLynx. Also, the kill switch is enabled by default, but you can disable it from the VPN Settings section. However, both versions support the latest preset features. 

Therefore, choosing one has certain advantages. NordVPN is causing confusion by deploying two Mac versions instead of sticking to one option. However, in the long run, this approach offers additional benefits to users. In particular, Windows sideloaded macOS, and App Store apps look and feel about the same.


NordVPN supports Linux, but the only downloadable packages are RPMs and DEBs from the official website. There is an Arch Linux port created by the community with instructions for manual and OpenVPN and IKEv2 connections.

NordVPN Linux Version

As a Linux user, you cannot get a graphical application. Everything needs to be configured using a command-line terminal. As a result, the experience seems to be lacking compared to what Windows or macOS users have. At least a minimal graphical interface is a welcome addition and can save a lot of visits to their site if you decide to switch servers. 

Everything else works fine and includes DNS leak protection. However, there was a strange bug in Kill Switch. 

 When enabled, the app will determine that your subscription has expired, will not allow the connection, and will redirect you to the order page. In some cases, the app was a bit slow to respond to commands. 

 Mobile NordVPN app 

 There is little or no difference between the iOS and Android versions of the user interface. Both clients use the map/country list hybrid to select the server. You can also access settings and notifications by clicking the same icon in the corner of the screen. Both platforms also have a kill switch and dark web monitoring to check for data breaches.

NordVPN Mobile version

The main difference is some platform-specific features. For example, iOS has a Favorites tab just below Recent Connections. 

On the other hand, Android has split tunneling,  configurable kill switch, pause, and automatic connection. There are also differences in tunnel protocols. iOS can use IKEv2, OpenVPN (TCP / UDP), and NordLynx, but Android does not have IKEv2. Android, on the other hand,  is one of the apps that has passed the ioXt certification. It shows that it complies with the highest safety standards. 

Given the limiting nature of Apple's policy, it's refreshing to see an iOS app that offers a lot to offer. The developers are clearly thinking about how to add value to the NordVPN client even if the iOS policy works for the NordVPN client. Android is still a bit better, mainly thanks to split tunneling and a customizable kill switch. However,  this is something that many mobile VPN users are currently accustomed to. 

Browser extension 

The service also has Firefox and Chrome browser extensions for those who prefer a lighter solution. Otherwise, it could be a workaround if you're using an older system that doesn't have its own app. For users of macOS 9 or Windows XP, installing the browser extension is much easier than setting up a manual connection. However, keep in mind that the extension only protects browsing traffic.

NordVPN Browser Extension

You can block WebRTC, a protocol that uses JavaScript, which is vulnerable and prone to IP leaks. With CyberSec,  you can connect to all NordVPN servers to encrypt your browsing connection and increase protection from phishing and malware.

The latest feature of this is the bypass list. This allows you to exclude certain websites from proxy connections. This basically acts as split tunneling for your website. Bypass lists in Windows give you more control over traffic. If you're using macOS, it provides a sort of workaround to make up for the lack of split tunneling in your app.

Protection from threats 

With NordVPN, your device is more secure than ever. This is due to a feature called threat protection. Block the following threats: 

Malicious website. It protects you from accidentally accessing infected websites that can infect your device with malware.  Online advertising. Tired of seeing lots of ads when you visit your favorite sites? Threat protection does not cause this problem to recur. Tracker. Trackers allow websites to collect all sorts of information about users, such as IP addresses and browsing habits. Fortunately, NordVPN no longer allows it. Dangerous file. When you download an executable file smaller than 20MB, Threat Protection scans for malware and viruses, similar to antivirus tools. Currently, this feature works with all NordVPN apps. However, it can also be enabled in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers. 

Once threat protection is activated, it always works in the background and is very useful because you don't have to connect to the VPN server to activate it. 

Dark Web Monitor 

This terrifying sound feature warns you about security breaches of your personal information. Check the data associated with your email address in the Dark Web Marketplace and Pastebin. If you get there, your service may have been compromised by a hacker. 

Using the same password in multiple locations can quickly compromise hackers on multiple other platforms. NordVPN will notify you when an email arrives at the Dark Web Marketplace. 

This feature is available to iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS users. 

Stop and Auto Connect 

VPN Autoconnect saves you the hassle of clicking when you need to boot your device and bring it online. However, you can always stay connected to the VPN. Also, to access something without connecting to a VPN, you need to turn off the VPN completely. 

This situation can result in user error. You may forget to activate the VPN later and accidentally expose your IP address. 

To counter this, NordVPN's automatic connection also has a pause feature.

Click Pause and select a time to automatically reconnect when the timer expires. 

This is a very basic quality of life feature and is most appreciated when you switch VPN services and notice that it is missing. 


Presets are another recently added feature that can be infinitely customized. You can create custom VPN settings that you can access directly from the app's main screen. You can choose the type of server you want to connect to, switch between additional features, and set up your favorite type of VPN connection. 

You also have the option to include a shortcut to a specific app that you can access from the app's main screen. This feature is a godsend if you use a different VPN server for each service. There are several off-the-shelf presets for ease of setup. Presets are currently only available on macOS. 

Is NordVPN Safe and Secure?

NordVPN is one of the most secure VPN providers. Military-grade encryption and a secure tunneling protocol ensure data security and NordVPN's default server runs in RAM. RAM servers are very useful for VPNs. No one steals information because the data is erased every time the server is restarted. Many NordVPN servers use this technology. 

In addition, NordVPN's privacy policy is independently audited. Overall, NordVPN appears to be watertight from a legal and technical point of view. 

Secure Properly with NordVPN


After creating an account and installing the client, you can connect to any server on the NordVPN network. This connection is encrypted so traffic cannot be read by outside observers. NordVPN uses  AES256CBC encryption for this. This is the gold standard for the VPN market. In addition, NordLynx uses the ChaCha20 protocol, further ensuring privacy and security. I accessed the server using the SHA512 hash function.

Encrypts the credentials to 512 binary. This is a chunk of data that doesn't make sense to outsiders. Then these are compared to the cryptographic hashes generated when the account was created and stored on the server, and if they match, it's okay. 

This hash actually exceeds the VPN market standard. Many competing VPN providers use SHA256. Therefore, NordVPN actually pushes the boundaries of what is possible here. SHA512 features are more secure, provide users with much higher security, and are much more difficult to decrypt for anyone trying to break in. 

Tunneling Protocol 

Data is transferred between the VPN server and the device using the tunneling protocol. NordVPN supports these three major options.


Best for


Versatile, all-around security


Mobile devices, cellular/wifi data


Best option overall

Kill switch 

Effective kill switches can make a difference in the world. Suppose you're trying to stay anonymous, but the connection to the VPN server is lost. In this case, you may reveal your location and IP address and not even know about it. 

This is why NordVPN has a system-wide kill switch and an app kill switch. The Internet Kill Switch disables all internet access when the client detects that it is not connected to the VPN. 

App Kill Switch only affects certain apps. Imagine using a VPN for torrents and preventing P2P traffic from going directly through your ISP. The uTorrent client app kills the switch and closes the app to prevent data breaches.

The iOS and macOS apps downloaded from the App Store have a system-wide kill switch enabled and are built into the client by default. The icon will not be displayed, but the connection will be closed when the connection to the VPN is disconnected. On Windows and macOS (sideload apps), you can configure a kill switch for each app. On Linux and Android, you can only enable the system-wide kill switch. It doesn't matter if the processing of the function is more uniform.

However, as a user, the system-wide kill switch works on all platforms. Some apps can also be configured for specific apps. Given that some platforms like iOS rarely have such features, it's an engineering feat in itself.


NordVPN is based in Panama with privacy in mind. If the government wants to request your usage logs, they will have to go to a court in Panama. NordVPN does not need to store your data because Panama has no data retention method. For this reason, it is important to choose a VPN service provider that is not in the Five Eyes or other intruding countries. 

Also, as stated in NordVPN's privacy policy, if someone provides a search warrant to the company or seizes a server, there is no usage data for that server. Their privacy policy states: 

Nord guarantees a strict no-logs policy for NordVPN services. This means that Internet activity will not be monitored, recorded, logged, saved, or shared with third parties while using the NordVPN service. The only data that the app collects is related to crash error reports and application diagnostic data. Suppose you think this is unacceptable. In this case, you can easily disable the use of anonymous apps from clients at any time. Although it's hardly a trading breaker. 

Security and privacy audit 

If you read the previous section and wondered, "Well, that's all very good, but how do you know what these promises mean?" Well, NordVPN has hired an independent body, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), to carry out the audit. 

For reference, last year PwC was ranked 5th in Forbes' largest private sector in the United States and is one of the Big Four accounting firms. NordVPN's no log policy has been audited twice in 2018 and 2020,  concluding that privacy claims are upheld in both cases. 

NordVPN has also received a security review of the app. In 2019, cybersecurity consulting agency VerSprite conducted various penetration tests on apps and infrastructure. Here you can get used to a complete review of NordVPN. All detected bugs have already been patched before the report was published. As of, they are still trying to improve the service and provide bug bounties to testers who were able to find bugs on the HackerOne page. Therefore, as a provider of cybersecurity products, NordVPN is taking the necessary steps toward transparency. 

ioXt certification 

NordVPN is one of the few service providers on the market to offer ioXt certified mobile apps. This ensures compliance with strict safety standards. Needless to say, application bans include rigorous testing of service privacy policies and app security. 

The important points are:

NordVPN iotx Certification

NordVPN got the highest score on all criteria, including the highest level 4 (highest) of the vulnerability reporting program. In addition to accepting external submissions, there are also public research reward programs. In addition, we won the level 4 ranking in password management. Authentication is not the only requirement. The app API requires re-authentication of sensitive transactions. You can read the full certification report here. 

This certificate was recently applied to a VPN app. Previously, it was reserved exclusively for IoT devices. This new change also means that only a handful of VPN services can brag about it. Of course, NordVPN is at the top of other industry leaders. 

Customer Care 

NordVPN has quite a few support options, as you would expect from a premium service. Their support web page, including guides and FAQs, provides detailed tutorials on various questions.

NordVPN also has a Chatbot to direct you to the solution for most common issues.

But their best jewels are  24/7 live chat and email. In the former case, you will get a response within minutes. The account manager assigned to me was kind and knowledgeable. If the problem is a bit too complicated to be resolved by chat, we will reply to you by email. Still, they responded within a few hours. This is great.  Overall, NordVPN's customer support is exceptionally good. You can also contact the support agent via live chat without registering. The accessibility and quality of the support provided are the highest quality of this VPN service.

Is NordVPN excellent and worth the purchase?

NordVPN is a great VPN with a perfect combination of speed, functionality, and security. It is independently audited and uses secure AES256 encryption to provide the next generation of NordLynx protocols. It is suitable not only for Netflix streaming but also for accessing the Internet from restricted countries.

Choose NordVPN for Better Browsing

It has great value in terms of VPN function. Windows and Android users get the best clients. Still, Apple users also get a lot of great additions. No matter what platform you use, you won't feel your device left behind. 

 I sincerely recommend this VPN service. No matter why you need a VPN, you can rest assured that NordVPN will provide it for you.


Is NordVPN trustworthy?

Currently, NordVPN is one of the most secure top-class VPN carrier providers. Their commercial enterprise location, no logs policy, and infrastructure make certain that your record's privateness might be respected. They had been publicly audited two times and preserved ioXt certification. 

How many gadgets can I use with NordVPN?

You can use the equal account on 6 gadgets at a time. If you install NordVPN at the router, you may use it with as many gadgets because the router supports it. 

Can NordVPN be traced?

Everything which you do with NordVPN remains hidden. Your visitors receive encrypted, and nobody can inform you who you're or what you`re doing online. Plus, the carrier would not accumulate personal records, so your privacy is safe. 

Can I cancel NordVPN anytime?

You can cancel your account or habitual subscription at any time from the principal NordAccount screen. 

 Is NordVPN quicker than ExpressVPN?

Based on our tests, NordVPN is quicker than ExpressVPN. Also, it has extra servers to pick out from. 

Is NordVPN really well worth getting?

Considering the fee which you pay and the go-back value, NordVPN is really well worth each penny. Not most effective this carrier has a no-nonsense technique on the subject of your records privateness, it additionally has first-rate performance. Their encryption is strong, and speeds are fast. Plus, you may unblock all streaming offerings that you may assume. 

Does NordVPN paintings with Netflix?

NordVPN works with Netflix. You can use the device to unblock extra libraries which have exceptional films and TV series. In total, you may pick out from 15 Netflix libraries. You can also install SmartDNS to unblock them without the want for a VPN software program installed. 

Does NordVPN provide the SOCKS5 proxy?

Yes, the SOCKS5 proxy is blanketed to your NordVPN subscription. If you've got got the VPN, you may additionally connect with the proxy, which is, in particular, beneficial with torrenting clients. 

What are NordVPN P2P servers?

NordVPN P2P servers are well-matched with torrenting and P2P sharing. Simply pick out a server from the furnished listing and experience your encrypted connection.

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