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PureVPN has been involved in the VPN business since 2007. So it's no wonder the company is building a long list of features. 

This service covers most of the technology base. Strong encryption with WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. DNS and IPv6 leak protection. Trent support; split-tunneling to control apps that use VPN. A smart kill switches to protect you if your VPN goes down. Support for the platform was a highlight, setting up apps specifically for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux,  Chrome, and Firefox extensions, routers, Kodi, Android TV, Amazon FireTV Stick, and more. 

You can use PureVPN with up to 10 devices at the same time. Also, as a rare bonus, this provider allows you to share these 10 slots with your family. For example, if you have four people with phones, each can install and use PureVPN with their login and connect the other six devices at home.

PureVPN subscription options:

The PureVPN network has a whopping 6,500 servers in 96 locations and 78 countries. 

Recent improvements are primarily related to apps, and PureVPN has fine-tuned WireGuard support, simplified the app interface, and introduced some small but welcome improvements. For example, login problems? Most apps allow you to look it up yourself, but PureVPN has a login screen link to talk directly to the support team. Very thoughtful.

PureVPN Country supported worldwide

Privacy and Logging

PureVPN's privateness coverage receives off to a great start, with a prolonged listing of all of the records the provider does not log: 'We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.'

Their policy additionally explains that there are a few session logging: the day you linked to a particular location, your ISP, the connection length, what number of connections you make, and the general overall bandwidth you use. But this can not tie your account to a particular internet action, and it is not going to compromise your privateness.

The policy is going directly to give an explanation that PureVPN employs 'some tools' in its apps to 'conduct VPN diagnostics and screen crash reports.' 

This type of crash reporting is not uncommon, however, we count on it to be optional, and that is now no longer the case here. There's no 'Send crash records?' alternative in Settings – PureVPN sends it anyway.

No Logging Audit by KPMG

In 2020, PureVPN announced that it had passed a no-logging audit by KPMG, which concluded that the service wasn't tracking a user's source IP address, the VPN IP assigned to a user, the specific time, to which a user connects to a VPN server, does not log or record a user's activities over your VPN connection. 

PureVPN also says it has opted for an “always” audit policy, meaning KPMG “may initiate an unscheduled privacy audit at any time of the year without notice.” In fact, in August 2021, the company reported that it had passed a second audit with no logging.

PureVPN A KPMG Certified No Log VPN

These reviews appear to be thorough, and PureVPN says they include "inspection of our complex infrastructure, server configurations, codebase, technical data logs, and global servers," along with "interviews of our staff involved in server maintenance and database administration."  

The reports have not been published, so you cannot check the details yourself. And they're just trying to review the main no-logging policy — they're generally not looking for privacy issues.

Still, we're not complaining: even with those limitations, there's a lot more security here than most VPNs. Hopefully, PureVPN will continue the regular audits and provide full reports, not just a sentence or two.

PureVPN Performance

We used multiple performance test sites and services (SpeedTest website and command-line app, TestMy.net, Netflix Fast.com, etc.) to measure PureVPN speed from US and UK locations. Check the download speed from each site at least 5 times, check again in another log, and repeat this in the evening session.

The speed of OpenVPN was in the midrange of 180-190 Mbps in the United States and 250-260 Mbps in the United Kingdom. This is better than some — Surfshark did not reach 200Mbps in the service's latest OpenVPN speed test (although WireGuard was certainly four times faster) — but CyberGhost, Hide .me, and Mullvad are all over 400Mbps in recent reviews. 

 But when I unleashed PureVPN's WireGuard connection, that was a completely different story. The service reached 460 Mbps in the UK and 750 840 Mbps in the US and was ranked in the top 10 on the performance chart. (Currently, TorGuard's 950 Mbps is the  speed leader.) We perform over 100-speed measurements per VPN, but after running some of our own speed tests, the results can vary significantly depending on location and settings. You must take tests of your own.

Netflix & Streaming on PureVPN

Most VPNs claim to be able to access geographically blocked content from anywhere in the world, and PureVPN is no exception. "Movies, TV shows, or sporting events. PureVPN gives you instant and unlimited access to your favorite content," the site claims.

The app doesn't have a dedicated streaming location, so you'll need to select and connect to a server in your country to see if streaming services are available. 

This worked fine with BBC iPlayer and PureVPN provided full access from all three test sites.

Pure VPN Netflix and Streaming Performance

However, PureVPN couldn't connect to any of the servers, so it wasn't delivered at all on US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney Plus. 

If unlocking is a top priority, you will get much better results elsewhere. CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, Surfshark, etc. have all unblocked the test streaming platform in the latest review.

PureVPN Pricing

Pricing begins off-evolved fractionally better than common at $10.95 billed monthly. 

 The annual plan appears right price at $3.24 a month, in particular as that`s protecting up to ten own circles $4.49 of relatives members. But it truly is partially because of a one-off discount, and it renews at $4.49. 

 A unique two-yr plan is priced at $1.99 a month. That's cheap, however, it additionally renews as the $4.49 a month annual plan.

PureVPN Pricing

 It's now no longer on the normal pricing page, however, the PureVPN internet site additionally supplied us with a five-year plan for only $1.49 a month. That undercuts pretty much all of us else, even though Ivacy's present-day five-yr fee is even higher at $1.19 a month. 

This isn't always pretty much the primary plan, though. PureVPN has numerous non-compulsory extras. 

Dedicated IPs appear like a good buy at $2.99 a month for addresses withinside the US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Malta, and Australia. Private Internet Access, NordVPN, Astrill, and others charge $4 to $5, from time to time. 

Port forwarding is a non-compulsory greater at $0.99 a month, or you may upload a committed IP with port forwarding for $3.49. 

There's even DDoS protection, accessible for gamers. Okay, it is a greater $3.99 a month, however, maximum vendors do not provide it at all. 

How to Setup PureVPN?

Installing the Windows app was easy, but I encountered a minor issue. The setup program was not only configured to install the PureVPN Chrome extension by default but also hidden that option on the I accept Terms of Service page. Many users will simply click I Agree when they see the fine print options and will not notice that they also have the Chrome extension installed.

This is arguably not harmful, but it's a good idea to be more clear about what the installer is doing. Is there another "Add Chrome Extension"? Installation instructions to help users know what's going on. It also defaults the answer to "No" so that you can get the extension only if you specifically request it.

Windows PureVPN App

The interface of PureVPN's Windows apps is simple and very basic, and in reality, most are just spaces. The recommended locations are displayed in the status box, and you can tap the location list to see the details. There is a large on/off button for connecting and disconnecting, and some small sidebar icons for other app sections (Settings, Help, Accounts).

PureVPN Windows App Setup

The location picker is better than most, with a recent location list, a favorite system, and a searchable list of countries with ping times. Click the arrow to the right of the country to expand it to list all cities. This is a well-known idea, but most VPN apps will only show this type of "extended" indicator if there are multiple locations in the country. Since PureVPN does that in all countries,  we regularly expanded the list to make sure it contained only one city.

The connection time was about 24 seconds for WireGuard and 610 seconds for OpenVPN, which was faster than in many cases. When you connect, a desktop notification will alert you.

The app displays the current upload and download speeds in the status area. I found this to work with WireGuard and IKEv2, but it didn't work when I switched to OpenVPN (the speed was always shown as zero). 

There was a regular prompt for feedback. "How about the connection quality?" The Windows app asked every time it connected. "Does PureVPN help you with that?" The Mac app asked for both connect and disconnect. These can be closed with a single click, but doing this 30, 40, or 50 times can be annoying.

There are relatively few app settings. If the VPN goes down, Kill Switch will block your internet connection. In addition, you can choose WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN TCP / UDP protocol. You can also use split-tunneling to choose between apps that use a VPN and those that don't.

The Kill Switch test returned various results. It worked fine with OpenVPN and WireGuard and blocked internet access as soon as the VPN dropped. However, it didn't affect the IKEv2 connection at all, and traffic was exposed (thankfully) until the app noticed the problem and reconnected (usually in a few seconds).

The Help button contains a limited and inadequate FAQ. It has only nine items, the answers are simple and outdated (WireGuard doesn't list "slow" speed answers as logs), and some content can be scrolled from bottom to bottom of the page, but scrolling. There is no bar. Just go to bring it back into view. 

 At least you can send a ticket or open a live chat window from the app, but that's still not ideal. When I clicked on the chat button,  a browser tab opened and I saw a link like https: //direct.lc.chat/109xxx87, but it didn't even have the PureVPN label. Perhaps the PureVPN staff is fully deployed and everything is completely secure. But even if your PureVPN site opens a live chat window and it's not a third-party service that most users don't recognize.

Mac PureVPN App

The layout of the PureVPN Mac app is similar to the Windows version, but the app behaves differently and can be annoying if you need to use both. 

Windows apps have, for example, a group of options represented by sidebar icons. Mac builds have several different groups in different orders and display them as text. 

 When connected to Windows,  the current upload and download speeds are displayed. You can also click on the server name to select a new location. When I connect to my Mac, I see all the uploaded and downloaded data, but when I click on the server name, nothing happens.

PureVPN Mac App Setup and Design

The Mac app also removes some Windows features. In particular, there is no support for split tunneling or OpenVPN. 

This is still a decent MacVPN app. It's easy to use, connects quickly, and has WireGuard support and a kill switch. Of course, it's different from Windows in some areas, but if you're only using a Mac, you might not care. 

Other providers are often even more advanced. They usually pay much more attention to unifying the design of apps across platforms, and  Mac apps can be as powerful (or even more)  than their Windows cousins.

Mobile PureVPN App

PureVPN's mobile app takes elements from the desktop edition, adds some unique new ideas, and displays them in a simpler and simpler interface. The 

The android app has the same location list and pulsating connection buttons as the Mac, so you can connect in just seconds. It integrates with Android's "always-on" kill switch and supports split tunneling, but there is no auto-launch or connection option, and there is no way to open a live chat session from within the app.

The iOS app is a bit different from the text sidebar on the left side of the Mac, but the location list and basic app operations are pretty much the same.

PureVPN Mobile App Setup and Design

There is another combination of features for iOS users. The iOS-only VPN on-demand option allows you to automatically connect to a VPN when you visit a particular website. There is a handy new setting to automatically reconnect when the VPN drops. Protocol support is good, with options to use WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2, but no Android-style split tunneling. 

These are still very easy-to-use and easy-to-use apps that cover more than the basics of VPN  and have a decent reputation in their respective app stores (4.2 for Android, 4.3 for iOS). 

However, top providers usually do a good job of making mobile apps look and feel the same,  and PureVPN's products are a bit underpowered when compared.

PureVPN Help & Support

Overcoming the early problems, PureVPN has a large support site with numerous tutorials and troubleshooting guides. For example, the first page will take you to categories such as Setup Guide, Troubleshooting, FAQ, Accounts, and Billing. Most of these sections contain more content than expected. 

 For example, the setup guide has 15 platform subsections  (yes, actually), and even some of those individual sections contain more content than the entire small VPN support site.

 There is a lot of information here and there are some unusual and welcome details. For example, you don't need to bookmark a particular tutorial for later viewing in your browser. In many cases, it is convenient to download the PDF and read it offline.

The search box should help you find the item you need, at least in theory. But in our tests, it didn't always choose the best guides or display results with the most relevant first. 

 Even when we did find suitable tutorials, the content often covered the basics only. There was usually enough information to get by, but it's not as up-to-date or in-depth as we see with ExpressVPN, NordVPN and the best of the competition. 

 If the website can't help, you're able to raise a support ticket from within the client. Our test question got a basic but just good enough reply in around 30 minutes.

You can also use live chat on the website. As mentioned above, even a simple request can have a very simple answer. At the time, PureVPN couldn't match the level of support it got from top competitors like ExpressVPN,  but the response times were good and most of the responses were enough to solve the immediate problem.

PureVPN: Final Words

PureVPN is faster than most other products, has a decent feature set, and is suitable for long-term planning. However, due to unlock errors, kill switches, and various app issues, this service cannot compete with top providers.


I am Harinder. I am the founder of TechHarry and I love writing tech and software-based articles on my website.

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