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How download photos and videos from Instagram

Instagram, the massive social media platform, has never been more popular, with over 40 billion photographs and videos shared to date, with 95 million more uploaded every day. You could come across an image or video that you'd like to save for later or set as your device's background.

If you're an Apple user, you already know that saving Instagram photographs to your iPhone or iPad isn't as simple as it appears. Instagram doesn't let Apple devices download content from within the app, which can be frustrating if you see something you'd like to see again later.

Whether it's a copyright issue or simply because they want you on the app, Instagram doesn't let you download content from within the app, which can be frustrating if you see something you'd like to see again later. 

We've got a tutorial for you if you've been wondering how to save Instagram images on your smartphone or PC. Here, we'll look at a couple different ways to get those beautiful photographs out of the app and save them to your camera roll without twisting your hair out.

How to Download Images and Videos from Instagram using Mobile?

Saving Instagram content using their URL is the easiest way to save Instagram photos and videos on a smartphone. It is tried and tested solution, with less hassle and fast downloading Instagram photos & videos. Here's how to use different websites to download Instagram photos and videos on a smartphone:

1. Open Instagram and choose the photo or video you want to download

2. Click on the three dots button on the top and tap on the "Copy URL" or "Link" button to copy its URL.

How copy link on Instagram photos and videos

3. Open a "dedicated to download Instagram content" website like or, etc.

4. Paste the copied URL in the URL bar and click on the "Download" button.

5. It will show you a preview of the image or video and then you can simply click on the Download button below. It will start downloading automatically after then.

How to Download Images and Videos from Instagram on Mac and Windows PC?

The simplest way to download Instagram photographs and videos on a smartphone is to save them using their URL. It's a tried-and-true method for downloading Instagram photographs and videos with minimal fuss. Here's how to download Instagram photos and videos on Mac and Windows PC using various websites:

1. Open on your Mac or Windows PC and choose the photo you want to download.

2. Tap on the three dots menu icon on top of the image or video and click on "Copy Link". It will copy the URL of the Instagram image or video.

steps to download image or video from instagram on a smartphone

3. Now, open, Inflact, or any other Instagram photo/video downloader website.

4. Paste the URL you copied in the URL bar there and click on the "Download" button.

5. You will see a preview of the image or video you want to download. Then, again click on the "Download" button and it will start downloading the photo or video to your PC.

Easiest Way to Download Image from Instagram

Downloading Instagram photos or videos using an external website is easy but it requires internet data to spend on that website. But if you're looking for a way to download just images you love on Instagram, then we have the simplest way to download Instagram images that don't require anything. In this way, you simply just take a screenshot on your mobile or take a screenshot on your PC and crop the image in your device's in-built editor to crop perfectly that image.


What is an Instagram Image Downloader?

Instagram Post Downloader is a service to save Instagram photos to any gadget. Regardless of how you decide to use Inflact Instagram Downloader, you can collect photos and videos on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Simply paste the link and your device will automatically receive your photos and videos.

Why do you need an image downloader for Instagram?

First, it saves time. You don't have to take screenshots, edit them, or worry about bad pictures. Then you can get the photos without compromising the quality. As far as we know, some people don't know how to save photos from Instagram. This influential tool is a  lifesaver. Even children can do it.

Can I download videos from Instagram online downloader?

Anyone can use Instagram Photo Downloader as  Instagram Video Downloader. Only high-quality content can be used continuously. 

Can I use Instagram Downloader for PC?

You can use Instagram Downloader for PC and mobile. There are many Mac and Windows apps for downloading Instagram videos and images. Therefore, you can download videos and photos to your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, and more.

Is it safe to download photos from Instagram?

Sure. With many Instagram post downloader apps, you may download Instagram photos privately and safely. We do not gather any of your personal information.

When I save a user's post, does he get notified?

No, a user doesn't know whether you use the Instagram post downloader to download his/her media.

Is it legit to download Instagram photos?

Yes, downloading Instagram photos is legal. You stay within the copyright law if you don't post the saved photographs as your own (without providing credit to the original author).

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