‘Escape From Tarkov’ has been updated with pre-wipe event in the shooter’s history

‘Escape From Tarkov’ has been updated with pre-wipe event in the shooter’s history
Image Source: BattleStation Games, Escape from Tarkov

The biohazard that kills players in Escape From Tarkov in just seven minutes unless they locate an antidote within the raid is the largest pre-wipe event in the shooter's history.

The event began yesterday, June 27, and its creator Battlestate Games announced it via two tweets. The first alerts players to a biological threat, while the second, which Twitter user Bakeezy translated, describes how the event will unfold and how players can survive it.

"Be aware that you are biologically contaminated going into the raid. A person can be killed by a toxin and sustain fatal damage in seven to eight minutes. Keep an eye on things on the "health" tab, according to the memo published by Battlestate Games.

Antidotes (XTG-12) will be dropped into raids via airdrops, but they can also be obtained on Scavs or Scav bosses, according to the post. Last but not least, each raid will begin with all extracts closed and only one exit point open later on.

Although the biohazard is the main aspect of this event, there have been other modifications that are as noteworthy: players now have limitless stamina to help them find antidotes quickly, and every Scav boss may now be found in any area in Tarkov.

This is the most game-changing event Battlestate Games has ever released since it fundamentally alters the character of each raid. Over the past week, the studio has released a number of pre-wipe events.

"Escape From Tarkov" will most certainly wipe on Thursday, Battlestate Games has frequently hinted that gamers would only have a day or two to enjoy this event (June 30).

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