Hulu is Down! Issues Reported by Thousands of Frustrated Users Today

Hulu is Down. Reported by thousands of frustrated users

  • Thousands of users claim that HULU is having issues.
  • In the United States, reports of Hulu not working are hitting Downdetector.

It's unclear what's creating the problems right now. It could be a Hulu issue, or it could be a problem with the equipment people are using to try to watch it.

According to Downdetector, video streaming is the source of the majority of problems.

Others have complained about problems with the Hulu app. Over 4,000 reports of Hulu issues have been sent to Downdetector. People have gone to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

"Currently sitting on the couch in dead quiet cause hulu is down and my fixation show is unavailable," one person remarked.

Another person stated: "Your service has been down for a long time, @hulu support. I am a dissatisfied customer!!!"

While another tweeted: "So I’m feeling like Hulu is down because all of a sudden I can’t get on at all. Not on my Roku or fire tv or mobile…"

The Hulu Support account has yet to tweet. A 503 Error notice appears on the Hulu Contact page.

What exactly is a 503 error code?

If you try to access a website and receive a "503 Service Unavailable" answer, this indicates a server issue. It's a code that means the server can't process your request right now, and the website you're looking for isn't available.

This could indicate that a website is unavailable due to maintenance concerns. It may also indicate that there are too many individuals trying to access the website at the same time.

A server is just a computer that provides online access to a resource or network. All websites rely on servers to connect visitors to their sites when they enter their addresses. Reloading the website, emptying your browser cache, or simply being patient and returning to the website later in the day can sometimes fix server issues.

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