Instagram ties up with Yoti to verify users real age to prohibit users under 13

Instagram will now verify users' real age through a new AI technology


  • Instagram is experimenting with new methods in the US to confirm users' ages.
  • One of them scans a submitted video selfie using technology from a different business.
  • For age verification, the AI technology makes a guess about the selfie-taker's age.

Instagram officially prohibits users under 13 from signing up for its social networking site. It hasn't done anything, though, to make sure that its users follow this regulation. That is now finally altering. Instagram is reportedly developing a feature that allows users to get verified by only using their face, according to an article on The Verge.

The technique is based on using technology from a non-affiliated business called Yoti. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to infer an individual's age from their face. You might be requested to transmit a video selfie of yourself to Yoti if Instagram wants to verify that you are, in fact, 13 years old or older.

Then, it makes an age estimation for the individual in the video using its technology. On Yoti's website, you can even test out the technology. The business claims that it does not retain any of the data you submit for this demo.

The report claims that those under 24 may have age estimates that are up to 2.5 years inaccurate because of the limitations of this technology. Additionally, it is less reliable for faces with darker complexion or female features. However, compared to the present honor system, it's unquestionably a superior way to confirm a potential Instagram member.

Users in the US can also transmit images of accepted ID cards to Instagram to confirm their ages.