The Snitch Well-Known Leaker Teases God of War Ragnarok PS5, PS4 Information Coming Soon

The Snitch Teases God of War Ragnarok PS5

You may be aware of Twitter leaker The Snitch, a "insider" with a perfect track record, if you've been paying attention to the video game business over the past few weeks. His leaks have covered everything from Sony's recent State of Play to a number of announcements made during not-E3 week. You can pretty much accept anything from this sneaker's account as confirmation because their rumors have been so credible.

PlayStation fans' hearts will beat faster when they see a superimposed Kratos meme with what appears to be code at the bottom. Many people think that the binary value of 11110 is 30, or more specifically, June 30.

Thursdays are typically when Sony broadcasts State of Play, and that is the case today. Additionally, it is consistent with what other journalists have stated: that more news will be released towards the month's end.

The tweet is subject to interpretation because The Snitch has obviously turned to riddles with their new-found fame. Though you can definitely rest assured that something is happening with God of War Ragnarok shortly given the rumor-track monger's record. People should hold on tight since the month will finish in pleasure.

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