Google Play Store Celebrated Its 10th Birthday With A New Logo

Google Play Store Celebrated Its 10th Birthday With A New Logo

Google celebrates its Play Store 10th anniversary, and for the occasion, it has a new icon. This new logo has more vibrant colors and matches the vibe of the icons for other Google services like Google Photos, Search, Gmail, and more.

Google Play Store Turn 10!

The new Google Play Store Logo has a brighter red, green, blue, and yellow color and is also rounder, unlike the previous logo. You can see the difference below. 

In addition, Google also rewards Play Points members. They can now earn 10 extra points for every purchase made through the Play Store by activating the points booster. This offer is available now and is accessible by visiting your profile in the Play Store app. However, this is a limited-time offer. 

For those who don't know, Google's Play Points program is a way to earn points for every purchase, and when those points are enough, they can be used to make other purchases. The value of points earned will vary by region. 

Additionally, Google points out that the Play Store now has 2.5 billion monthly users in about 190 countries that use the service to download apps, games, and more digital content. At launch, the App Store included apps, music, e-books, movies and shows, and even some hardware products. A decade later, the platform has become primarily a space for apps, games, and books. The Movies & TV Shows section will soon be removed to become part of the Google TV app. 

Google also talks about various notable Play Store features like better privacy and security features,  focus on games, better ways to discover apps, and more. He detailed this in a blog post, and you can check it out here for more. 

Additionally, Google has updated Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep with features for large-screen devices such as tablets. Google Workspace apps now have the ability to drag and drop files, open two Drive windows side by side, and keyboard shortcuts, which were recently introduced to Google Drive.