Google Photos has updated a new pop-up UI for quick sharing and library management

Google Photos roll out new pop-up UI feature for quick sharing and library management
ImageSource: Google

Google Photos changes the user interface again, this time with an improved pop-up UI for sharing photos and videos directly from the gallery. 

 In  a server-side update to Google Photos 5.96, this new pop-up UI appears when selecting a photo or video from your library. We're seeing the change on one of our devices, but it looks like it's limited  or experimental at this stage. 

 The improved user interface brings all options  to the bottom of the screen, with "Share", "Add to" and "Remove" as the main options. The list goes on with options to remove content from the device, sort the printout, go to the archive, and go to a locked folder. 

 What makes this updated user interface particularly useful is that it incorporates more options without clicking on images. 

 Users can now access shortcuts to send directly to specific contacts via pop-ups by swiping higher. Below that is a shortcut to add a photo or video to the album and  see where it is. These options  still appear when selecting multiple photos and videos, they still work as usual. 

Google Photos new feature example photos
ImageSource: 9to5

 This isn't the first change Google Photos has made to its user interface in recent times. In April, Google completely overhauled the 'Gallery' tab - not the 'Photos' tab we're talking about here. Earlier, Google also announced a major update to the "Share" section of the app. 

 It is not clear when this latest update will roll out at this time, but it may require the  latest app updates. We will update this article when the change is rolled out more widely.