Google Confirmed That Google Stadia Isn’t Shutting Down

Google Confirmed That Google Stadia Isn’t Shutting Down

Google introduced its cloud-based game streaming service, Google Stadia in 2019, but even that couldn't generate as much hype and popularity as the company or even people might expect, if we take into account the popularity of Xbox Cloud Gaming. As a result, rumors started circulating that Google might be considering shutting down the service. And, now, Google has responded.

Google Stadia Will Definitely Stay 

News of a possible Google Stadia outage began to spread when the Twitter account was Killed by Google, the account that keeps tabs on services that Google is unplugging, said. 

A recent tweet from Twitter suggests that Google is planning to end  Stadia. Although the exact time is unknown, it could happen later this summer. The company must notify everyone 30-60 days before the last day of Stadia and will also refund the subscription amount at no additional cost.

While this is a rumor, things may turn out to be true considering how Google tends to kill many of its services. Moreover, in 2021, the company also killed its dedicated game development studio, and perhaps the days of Google Stadia are dead! However, an update said that from now on, Google Stadia is not going anywhere 

After this rumor went viral, many people took to Twitter to express their concerns about it and Google has taken it to heart. good to give a definitive answer. In a response to a Twitter user, Google clarified that Google Stadia doesn't stop working. In fact, the company is working on bringing new games to Google Stadia and Stadia Pro soon. You can check out the tweet below.

The Google Stadia Twitter account also posted a mocking tweet, announcing that Stadia Pro users can now play Wavetable for free until August 1. So maybe Stadia is here to stay. 

But you should know that Google's plans are often a surprise, and that too could change in the future. If something similar happens, we'll let you know. Until then, let us know what you think about Stadia's inactivity in the comments below.