Google Will Automatically Delete Abortion Clinics From Location History

Google Will Automatically Delete Abortion Clinics From Location History

Following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June, Google says that it will soon automatically delete abortion facilities from location histories to safeguard user privacy.

In order to provide "personalised maps, recommendations based on places you've been, help to find your phone, real-time traffic updates on your commute, and more helpful ads," Location History is an optional feature that records the locations visited by Google users with their smartphones.

Google said it will roll out an automated system. This programme, according to the system, will soon be implemented in "counselling facilities, shelters for victims of domestic abuse, abortion clinics, fertility centres, addiction treatment centres, weight loss clinics, plastic surgery clinics, etc."

Although this is a positive development, it's unclear how much of a difference it will make to those who value their privacy, particularly in states where abortion has been made illegal. A very small portion of the data that Google gathers about its users is location history.

In addition, the business disclosed that it would update the Fitbit app to enable "customers who have decided to track their menstrual cycle within the app" to erase several logs at once as opposed to one by one. Those who are in menstruation can use these diaries as evidence of a potential pregnancy.