iOS 16 will Make Your Life Easier With Its New Visual Lookup Feature; here's how

iOS 16 will Make Your Life Easier With Its New Visual Lookup Feature

Apple included demonstrations of MacOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9, and, of course, iOS 16 in its nearly two-hour WWDC keynote. The upcoming significant update to iOS will include editable Messages and a customizable lock screen.

Visual lookup is another feature that has drawn attention. Users can choose any image from anywhere and use this tool to look up information about it online. You'll be shocked to find that iOS 16 goes one step farther if that isn't already remarkable enough.

How does iOS Visual Lookup operate?

To distinguish the subject (such as a person) from the background in a photo, tap and hold the image. If you keep holding, you can "lift" the cutout from the image and drag it into another app, for example, to use in creating a collage or posting it online.

Technically speaking, the tap-and-lift photo feature is a component of Visual Lookup, a feature that debuted with iOS 15 and can identify objects in your images including plants, food, locations, and even pets. Simply touch and hold in Visual Lookup makes it possible to delete an object from a picture or PDF in the latest iOS 16.

Apple noted that users may "touch and hold on the subject of an image to separate it from the background and insert it in applications like Messages." The Visual Lookup feature can identify not just people but also other items including sculptures, birds, animals, and insects.

If you have the iOS 16 public beta, you could still be able to use the capability even if it won't be available until the general release of iOS 16 in September. Beta versions of iOS are unstable and full of flaws because they are still in the testing stage.