Microsoft Teams will allow meeting organizers to assign seats in Together Mode

Microsoft teams will allow organizers to allot custom seats in together mode

In order to make video conferences more engaging, Microsoft created the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams application in 2020. The ability to designate Together mode, as the default display for all meeting participants, is one of many ideas the company has been working on to improve functionality. Microsoft will eventually offer more of these meeting organizing functions.

The Microsoft Teams developer team is currently working on a new feature of Together mode that will let the meeting organizer or presenter assign a seat for attendees, in accordance with the information provided on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page. This is so that the host of the meeting can decide where everyone sits.

Assigning seats to the presenter or meeting organizer but not to everyone is now possible with Teams' custom Together mode feature. This is about to change because Microsoft will soon make it possible for hosts to distribute seats to guests.

Microsoft is currently focusing on PC and Mac users of Teams. Only these two platforms will initially have access to ensemble mode improvements. Although the company plans to offer Ensemble Mode seat assignment in September, it wouldn't surprise us if it wasn't available in that month.