Microsoft Outlook email searches are broken again in Windows 11

Microsoft Outlook email searches are broken again in Windows 11

Microsoft is investigating an issue that prevents Outlook search from displaying recent emails in the Windows 11 desktop application. 

The issue affects offline POP, IMAP, and  Exchange accounts because of the search feature. of Outlook uses the Windows local search service to index emails. 

Microsoft 365 and connected Exchange accounts are not affected because they use the search service, which is not affected by this issue. 

"When searching in Outlook Desktop on Windows 11, the most recent emails may not show up in  search results," Microsoft said. 

"If you check the Windows indexing options in  Control Panel, indexing may be  slow or interrupted." 

The company is currently working on a fix for this known issue and has shared a temporary fix to affected customers until a resolution is available. 

Microsoft recommends Windows 11 users to minimize Outlook search errors by turning off Windows Desktop Search and switching to Outlook's built-in search engine as a solution. 

To disable the Windows Desktop Search for Outlook service, you must add a new PreventIndexingOutlook registry key by following the steps described here.

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This is the second time Microsoft has notified Outlook users of mail search issues on systems running Windows 11.

Searches for specific emails on IMAP/POP accounts, in some cases causing the application to fail, and completely collapsed. 

These issues started appearing in June 2021, shortly after the first preview build of Windows 11 appeared, affecting email and other items stored locally by POP and IMAP accounts in PST or OST file. 

As a relief, Microsoft also recommends that users switch to Outlook's built-in search engine, which will eliminate the cause of the problem: Windows Desktop Search was interrupted after the search index was deleted. During the Windows 11 upgrade. 

In January, Redmond also addressed Outlook search issues that were activated after installing Windows 10 security updates released in November 2021 or later.