Verify your site ownership on Google Search Console using a DNS CNAME Record

Verify Website Ownership on Google using DNS CNAME

Recently, Google has made some changes in the Google Search Console. Now, website owners would be able to verify their domain property by using DNS CNAME Records that are available on your domain name provider like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Google Domains, etc.

Previously, users have only the TXT Record method to verify websites on Google Search Console. But with the availability of CNAME Records in verifying domains in the Search Console, Google can assure more security over users' domains and their websites.

What is website verification?

As per Google, "Verification is the process of proving that you own the property that you claim to own. Search Console needs to verify ownership because verified owners have access to sensitive Google Search data for a site, and can affect a site's presence and behavior on Google Search and other Google properties. A verified owner can grant full or view access to other people."

How to Verify a Website Property?

1. Go to Google Search Console.

2. Click "Add Property".

3. Choose Domain and enter your domain name:

4. Click ‘Continue’, and you’ll be redirected to the next step.

5. Copy the domain verification TXT record or CNAME record (as per the new update) you’ll get.

6. Log into your hosting. Check for specific hosting here.

7. Go to your website's Manage DNS section and add a new 'CNAME' or 'TXT' field.

8. Paste the code, which is given to you before, on the 5th step.

9. Once you filled all the details correctly, save it.

10. Go back to Google Search Console and click ‘Verify’.

Search Console Verification Failed Message

Sometimes, it takes some minutes to some hours to save the website's DNS record on the back-end. Simply, wait, and then again click "verify". It will definitely verify your website.

Search Console Website Ownership Verified

How long does verification take?

The verification process takes as long as Search Console can confirm the presence and validity of your verification token. Search Console periodically checks that your verification code is alive and valid (for example, by checking if your HTML verification tag is still present). If confirmation is no longer possible, you will be notified. If the issue is not resolved, your rights to this property will expire after a certain grace period.