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WWDC 2022 Unveiled iOS16, Lock Screen Customization and More
ImageSource: Apple, WWDC2022 event

The new iOS version was undoubtedly one of the most significant announcements made during Apple's WWDC 2022 event last week. iOS 16 is, in fact, now available. Numerous new features, including the ability to customize the lock screen and additional iMessage capabilities, are included in the latest iOS release. Here is a list of every new feature in iOS 16.

iOS 16 Announcement: New Features

The ability to personalize the lock screen, which has long been reported, is the key draw in this case. On the lock screen, users will be able to add widgets, modify the background image, change the font and color of the time and date, and more. On the lock screen, users will be able to see calendar events, alarms, the weather, and more.

A gallery and live activities will also be included in the upgraded lock screen (showing real-time events like workouts, food delivery orders, and more). You may also add the various focus modes that iOS 15 introduced to the lock screen. Apps with focus filters show content that is appropriate to the focus. In order to promote better accessibility in iOS 16, notifications have been updated and now appear from the bottom.

iMessage has also undergone some fascinating adjustments. With iOS 16, you may now modify messages that have already been sent, delete messages that have already been sent, and even mark messages as unread so you won't miss them. Additionally, Apple has enhanced the SharePlay functionality.

The function, which was previously only accessible through FaceTime, will soon be available through iMessage.

iOS 16 New Lock Screen Customization Feature
Image source: Apple

Spelling has also been improved, and now you may spell while using your voice and the keyboard at the same time. Additionally, dictation now supports Siri, emojis, and even punctuation. Additionally, Live Text has undergone minor updates and is now usable in films for copying text and code. With only one click, it can now translate languages, change currencies, and act quickly. With the new visual search capability supported by iOS 16, users may tap and hold an image's subject to trim it and send it to apps like Messages.

The Wallet app is yet another feature-rich app. For applications like UberEats, this includes in-app age and identity verification and the capability to send keys via SMS. With the addition of Tap to Pay compatibility and Apple Pay Later, customers can now make purchases in 4 simple payments with no fees or interest. But at the moment, this is only for the US market. Order tracking is also supported when using Apple Pay. Multi-stop routing is now supported in Apple Maps, and Siri can also perform it.

Now that accounts can be set up quickly and easily for kids, messages can be used to approve requests, and a family checklist tool is also available. Users can now have a distinct library for media shared on iCloud thanks to the new iCloud Shared Library functionality. A toggle in the Camera app allows users to add images to the gallery as well.

In addition, Safari now enables password-protected tab groups for quick and safe browsing. Apple has long sought to replace the password with the access key.

There are a few home upgrades, medicine tracking with the Health app, new My Sports for Apple News, no audio custom timelines, Mail app features, accessibility updates, and more available to all iPhone users even if they don't own an Apple Watch.

Additionally, iOS 16 contains a Safe Check Privacy feature to prevent domestic abuse. Users will be able to quickly revoke access to any accounts that were given to others thanks to this.

iOS 16 Availability

The public beta of iOS 16 will be made accessible to all users the next month after the developer preview, which is now available to developers. This fall, everyone will be able to download iOS 16 for iPhone 8 and later. Check out all iOS16-supported iPhones.