Android Auto 8.0 is here but without the split-screen update

Android Auto 8.0 is here but without the split-screen update

We've been waiting almost a year to redesign Android Auto as per Google's plan to launch cars worldwide. After an early leak announcing a split-screen UI last fall, we've seen a work-in-progress officially announced at I/O this spring. And yet,  Labor Day weekend is fast approaching - marking the end of summer and, more importantly, the end of the summer travel season - he will be nowhere to be found. Today, a new  Android Auto update is rolling out and, despite what you might expect, this update is sure to disappoint motorists everywhere.

Basically, Android Auto 8.0 seems like the perfect opportunity to ship this year. redesigned model - codenamed "Coolwalk". After all, it's a well-rounded number. Like it or not, we're all used to expecting bigger changes when the version hits a round number - that's why we expect more from Android 13 over Android 12.1. So while with the next online release number, it's easy to see why some users are expecting big changes from this version.

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Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. As everyone at 9to5Google noticed, Android Auto 8.0 is now rolling out globally, with no "Coolwalk" signs or other design changes. Instead, it looks like this release will be another round of  fixes after a particularly difficult year for the platform. After testing it myself, I couldn't spot any changes or extras. Presumably, this update is just behind-the-scenes changes or, if we're lucky, the basis for additional changes in the future.

When Google announced its UI redesign in May, the company announced that it will come in cars before summer arrives, maybe it's time for everyone to rush to the streets. While "Coolwalk" is still an MIA (#missing_in_action), it's entirely possible that it will be rolled out to drivers via a server-side update, triggered by Google once it's finally ready. However, at least for now, this latest update isn't the one we've been waiting for all summer.

It's another chapter in the messy story of Android in the car. Along with delayed updates and blank screens, Google has finally killed off Android Auto to improve phone screens. This leaves drivers to rely solely on assisted driving, a service that is inferior  in  every way and still lacks some essential features. As Apple continues to develop its next-generation CarPlay platform, Google is bound to step up the competition. After all, iOS has supported split screens in cars for almost three years.