Since the launch of its steam, Game Space has generated over 400% user growth

Since the launch of its steam, Game Space has generated over 400% user growth

Recently, Game Space, the industry's first GameFi-as-a-Service platform, opened the  Genesis NFT AirDrop event to one billion players on Steam. Currently, Game Space has partnered with more than ten organizations such as ByBit,, Huobi, KuCoin Wallet, BitKeeper, DAO and Gaming Guilds for AirDrop NFT for Steam users. Event period starts at 12:00 UTC on July 28 until 12:00 UTC on August 28. 

GameFi projects attract millions of gamers around the world and will continue to grow in popularity, not only among Web3 gamers but also  casual gamers. . The challenge, however, is how to open Web2 players to the industry and all it has to offer. 

Game Space CEO  Michael Cameron said, "The transformation of Web2 users to Web3 is a challenge  every business faces, and businesses need to think of new and innovative ways to overcome it. it." Cameron believes that Web2 users will not enter Web3 through an NFT purchase, but will instead be exposed to Web3 by purchasing NFT through  AirDrop which will later open the purchase. 

That said, Game Space's Steam event proves that point, and there's no denying that Game Space has made huge strides in the GameFi industry over the past month, growing its user base by almost 400% as of July 2022. In the first two weeks of August, Game Space saw over 50,000 downloads and Steam registered  users logged into their Game Space wallet. They also recently announced support for the Polygon blockchain and started working with other major industry partners. 

Also in August, Game Space  reported 13,820 active wallets and trading volume on their GameFi NFT Marketplace  increased by more than 50%. Realizing this amount of value and growth in Game Space makes the platform attractive to investors. No wonder they recently raised $10 million in a seed round with Huobi, Mirana Ventures, and other leading institutional investors. 

Cameron also hinted at some information regarding their first AAA Web2 game coming soon. Cameron said. 

Game Space is the industry's first GameFi-as-a-Service platform. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, games or applications of game  companies can have the same blockchain functionality. as StepN in at least 7 days of development, including NFT distribution and trading. 

Game Space offers a fully functional NFT trading marketplace that supports multi-chain deployments on BSC, ETH, Polygon, Solana, Heco, Flow and many more. Game Space is focused on being a one-stop solution for studios and AAA Web2  titles. It has an NFT Marketplace that can be embedded in games that will help Web2 and Web3 games shorten  launch times by up to six months.