Google made Duo a comeback with Duo and Meet's Merger

Google Duo made a comeback along with Google Meet and Duo Merger

Google Duo and Google Meet's merger may be a necessary step, but it has been perplexing for everyone thus far. The old Meet app will be destroyed after the integration is finished, and the Duo app that was Meet will then become Meet. A few weeks ago, the Google Meet logo finally appeared on the Duo app. Google has, at least temporarily, reinstated the previous Duo logo, so it's obvious that the move is proving particularly challenging for certain Duo fans.

The well-known blue launcher icon has returned in Duo's latest puzzling upgrade. Both icons open the same program when clicked, coexisting with the recently added four-color Meet symbol. Although the reversal could have been mistaken for accidental, it appears to have been a highly deliberate choice. Google informed 9to5Google that it decided to assist users who are still looking for Duo but are having trouble finding the app because the name has changed.

After everyone has begun using the new unified experience, the Duo icon will gradually meet its end in a few weeks or months. However, to open the identical app right now, your launcher will show two icons.

Source: 9to5Google