Google's New Shortcut Will Help You in Inserting Emoji to Docs

Google featured quick emoji picker shortcut for Google Docs

Google has always come up with something that benefits users. A few months ago, Google featured emoji reactions in Google Docs. Now, this time, they have made this even easier to insert your lovable emoji reactions in your actual document as well.

Recently, Google announced a new shortcut that helps you bring emoji reactions to your Docs super fast. Now, inserting emojis on your documents will be very easy and you don't even need to use the picker tool or copy/paste emojis from other places.

There are numerous ways now to insert your choice's emojis into your document as Google listed in this support document. From which, the simplest is "@[emoji]", then typing "@emoji" will bring a list of different searchable emoji pickers to add to your document, just like the one on your smartphone.

Insert Searchable Emoji Picker on Google Docs
Gif Source: Google

Brilliant writers like you can also type "@:[emoji name]" which is the fastest way of all, I think. Typing "@" alone brings various other prompts like mentioning colleagues or adding time/date. Simply putting a colon after "@" will help you bring the emoji picker. It's just faster enough to add emoji with a colon, the choice is yours though.

Google also mentioned that this feature will be shown to a limited number of users at this time but it will be rolled out to everyone by the end of September.