Google Search Console Bug: Showing Incorrect Number Of Indexed Pages

Google Search Console Bug: Showing Incorrect Number Of Indexed Pages

Google said an issue with Search Console caused it to report an incorrect number of indexed pages. The problem is now resolved. 

As a result, Google warns that you may see a decrease in the number of pages indexed in the Indexability report. 

Not the pages that disappeared from the Google index. Instead, they're not actually indexed, to begin with. 

In other words - it's a reporting issue, not a site issue. 

However, this issue should not be ignored, especially if you have compiled a report for a client and included some incorrectly indexed pages.

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What's Next for Solving This Issue

It's important to relay the information released by Google today so that customers understand why their follow-up report shows a drop in indexed pages. 

Google has updated the Indexing Coverage report in Search Console with an issue caption that anyone can see by viewing the report. 

Additionally, it's a good idea to browse through your most valuable URLs and recently published content to see if Google still shows them as indexed. The problem can lead you to believe that pages are indexed when they are not. 

So, knowing about this Search Console issue can help relieve you in some cases. 

For example, if you're not getting any Google traffic to pages that Search Console claims have been indexed, you now know the problem.