GTA 6 Concept Trailer: This is how it may look like

GTA 6 Concept Trailer

Thanks to leaks, theories, and constant release delays, GTA 6 is once again under negotiation. And to power that conversation, we have a fan-made trailer here that gives us our first look at the GTA 6 world in Unreal Engine 5. Please note that the trailer The referrals discussed are informal. Instead, it comes from a talented series fan and relies heavily on current leaks surrounding the title. So while this may sound like a GTA VI trailer, it's best seen as a bit of salt.

GTA 6 with Unreal Engine 5 Concept Trailer

That said, let's see what GTA 6 looks like. The latest to be opened to the public,  Youtuber Teaserplay used UE5 to create a fan-made  GTA 6 trailer. And if it's anything like  RAGE Engine, this concept trailer could be closer to the actual game than we can imagine.

As you can see, this first look at GTA 6 takes elements from Liberty City, the New York and Miami versions of GTA, and the GTA inspiration for Vice City. Many recent reports suggest that GTA VI could take place in Vice City, which again makes this teaser all the more important to visualize the game.  

Also, let's look beyond the outside. The quality of the characters, interiors, and vehicles is an upgrade from GTA V. But only time will tell if Rockstar Games can make such significant improvements to the Grand Theft Auto game next or not. For now, we can enjoy the concept and hope for the best. 

If you want to dig deeper, use our dedicated GTA 6 guide to find out all the reliable rumors, gameplay, characters, and potential features. That said, do you think the game can reach the level of reality of this first look at GTA 6 based on Unreal Engine 5? Or will it be too hard to render? Tell us in the comments below!