The New Instagram Update Will Change The Way You Scroll The Feed

The New Instagram Update Will Change The Way You Scroll The Feed

In recent years, watching videos on Instagram has replaced seeing the people you follow as the main focus. However, a new feature that Meta Platforms is testing may cause all of that to change.

According to Bloomberg, Instagram is also experimenting with a tool that would let users mute specific words, hashtags, or emojis that might appear in posts from individuals they aren't already following in their news feed.

“We recognize that people sometimes want different things from different sessions, or their interests or needs from Instagram change quickly over time in a way we’re not going to be able to reflect in our ranking alone,” Tessa Lyons-Laing, Instagram’s director of product management, said in an interview.

However, it's not simply the Explore tab. Users could mute specific words, hashtags, or emoticons from their stream using a second function. Therefore, you can always mute #dogsofinstagram posts from your feed if you've got enough of them.

According to some, the plans represent another way that Instagram is copying TikTok's 'For You section, which produces material that it believes you will enjoy. Instagram backtracked on improvements to its feed in July after Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both urged it to stop mimicking TikTok.