iPadOS 16 Release Will Reportedly Be Delayed by a Month

iPadOS 16 Release Will Reportedly Be Delayed by a Month

Apple could delay the release of the next-generation iPadOS 16 by a month,  otherwise it is expected to launch to the public in September. This is a bit unusual as newer versions of iOS and iPadOS tend to be. released simultaneously. On the other hand, iOS 16 will be released in September, on schedule. 

Reason of Apple delaying the release of iPadOS 16

A Bloomberg report reveals that Apple may release iPadO 16 in October due to  issues with its Stage Manager feature. For the uninitiated, this feature will help improve iPad multitasking, allowing users to resize windows to their liking, open multiple apps simultaneously, and even overlap windows. window in a  view. And, it brings  external display support. 

Stage Manager in its beta versions is a somewhat problematic and bug-prone feature and the interface isn't very user-friendly. In addition, it has been criticized due to its limited compatibility with the iPad. Apple has revealed that the Stage Manager feature in iPadOS 16 will  only appear on iPads with the M1 chip. 

The company explains that this is because Apple's Virtual Memory Swap (on which Stage Manager relies heavily) is only supported  by iPad M1s. This feature allows applications to use more RAM (taken from memory) to run efficiently. This feature is resource-intensive and currently works best with the M1 chip.

Bloomberg Report says,

“During beta testing, the system was criticized by some developers and users for its bugs,  confusing interface, and lack of compatibility with most iPads. The incredible release schedule will also allow Apple to devote more engineering resources to perfecting iOS 16, a software update that will be included in the iPhone 14 in September. iPad Pro with the new M2 chip in October. For those who don't know, Apple is expected to release  macOS Ventura (also with Stage Manager installed) in October. The new WatchOS 16 will be released in September. 

We are still waiting for the official announcement. from Apple. So it's best to disregard these details with a grain of salt. Apple also faced similar obstacles with  iOS 13! iPadOS 16, with each release, will get a new Weather app, iMessage changes, new Safari features, and  more. You can read our article on this topic to learn more.