Facebook Reels Got a New Way to Schedule Through Creator Studio - Meta Introduces

Facebook Reels Got a New Way to Schedule

Meta introduces a new way to program Facebook Reels with new functionality built into Meta Creator Studio. 

Accessible to anyone with a Facebook Page, Creator Studio makes it easy to schedule Stories in three easy steps. 

This is the easiest option to plan Story content in advance. 

This isn't as convenient as scroll scheduling in the Facebook mobile app, as it requires a desktop browser, but it should meet the needs of most creators. 

Here's how to schedule  Facebook Stories using Creator Studio.

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How To Schedule Reels On Facebook

Step One: Upload Video

The first step to scheduling Facebook Reels is logging into Creator Studio. 

If you're not already using Creator Studio, you can sign in with the same credentials as your Facebook page. No additional registration steps are required. 

Next, click "Create Story", which will prompt you to upload a video. 

Button labels are misleading because you don't create assets in Creator Studio. You need to create the video first and put it on the desktop. 

Ideally, you should upload a vertical video of no more than 60 seconds. However, you can choose any video size and optimize it in the next step.

Step Two: Optimize Video

After you upload a video, you can optimize it for Facebook Reels in Creator Studio. 

If your video is already in portrait aspect ratio and is 60 seconds or less, you can skip this step. 

You can crop horizontal videos vertically or squarely. Creator Studio will display a preview on the side of the screen so you can see what the video will look like in its new form. 

When you are satisfied with the appearance of the video in Reels format, you can move on to the next step.

Step Three: Schedule Video As Facebook Reel

Lastly, add a caption to the Reel and schedule it to post. You’ll also have the option to publish it immediately.

Alternatively, if you change your mind about publishing, you can save the Reel as a draft during this step.

You can track the performance of all published Reels within Creator Studio.