Twitter Circle is Now Available for All Users

Twitter Circle is Now Available for All Android, iOS and web users
Image: Twitter

Twitter, back in May, started testing the Twitter Circle feature which introduced a way to share personal feeds with a chosen group of people. This major update has been successfully rolled out to everyone and now it is available to all Twitter users.

What Should I Know About Twitter Circle

While we know that Twitter Circle is like a group where we can share our ideas, images, videos, etc. to a limited chosen people, but it also allows us to add or remove people from the Circle. A Twitter Circle can maximum have 150 people, plus you can also add people into your small Circle who you don't follow on Twitter. But there's a little twist that those non-followed users can't retweet your posts while people you follow can retweet anything you share on the Circle.

This feature is best for those people who want to share posts, images, and videos without any hesitation because only a few people will be able to see them.  For those who haven't got any idea about it, this feature is very much similar to Instagram's "Close Friends" feature that allows you to share stories with a small group of people.

Twitter Circle option will be found under the "Compose Tweet" option and you will see an option to share the post to the Twitter Circle. Once you go there, you'll also get an option to create one for yourself too.

If you are worrying about how you can create your Twitter Circle, here's the easiest way to create one for yourself.

The Twitter Circle is live for all Android, iOS, and web users globally. So, enjoy using it and let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.