Importing Whatsapp Chat Messages Will Be Easier Soon

Importing Whatsapp Chat Messages Will Be Easier Soon

There are many features WhatsApp is working on that could be released shortly. Users may now effortlessly import chat backups without any hassle thanks to a new Import Backup feature that has surfaced. Here is how it will proceed.

Whatsapp will make it simpler to import backups

According to a recent report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android beta is developing a feature that would provide users a new choice to import chat backups when setting up a new phone or WhatsApp account once more.

With this selection, the previously exported chats will be imported locally. When the Wi-Fi network is sluggish, this can be useful. For those who are unaware, WhatsApp presently maintains chat backups on iCloud for iPhones and Google Drive for Android devices.

Due to the lack of dependency on external cloud storage platforms, local chat backup imports will only make the procedure much simpler. You can see a screenshot of how this will appear, which WABetaInfo provided, below.

Whatsapp chats backup made easier
ImageSource: WABeta Info

One thing to keep in mind is that the functionality is still in development and cannot, therefore, be used by beta testers. It should soon be available to iOS users as well. No information has been released on whether or not this will reach a wide audience. And if it does, there is no timescale available. When this occurs, we'll let you know. As a result, pay attention.