Google Discover will now let you block specific YouTube channels


You must have seen a few Youtube video recommendations when you visit Google Discover on your smartphone. Sometimes you like it and sometimes you don't.

From now on, Google Discover's new update will let you block specific Youtube channels from showing up on your Discover page.

Google Experimenting on This New Discover Feature

Google Discover has long provided options to indicate you are not interested in a particular topic or even to prevent certain websites from appearing in your feed, which is already determined by your Google Search history. With the latter feature, you can block anything you don't want to see, including deceptive or garbage.

But for a while, the only choice Google Discover provided in the case of YouTube videos was to completely prevent them from appearing. This strategy was excessive, especially in light of YouTube's enormous diversity in channels and artists.

Given that YouTube can perfectly display the name of the channel when showing a video, Google Discover treating YouTube in this manner was also extremely surprising.

Through a new "Don't show material from [channel] on YouTube" option, a unique experiment in the Google Search app gives a more refined method for blocking particular channels. This experiment has been noticed on both stable and beta versions on many devices. The old "Don't display content from YouTube" option will also be kept in place for individuals who just don't like watching YouTube videos.

Google discover block Youtube videos for recommendations

Many people have asked recently for the ability to pick particular YouTube channels to be removed from Google Discover, but every example we could locate amusingly picks out one specific channel for removal. Therefore, today might be your lucky day if you've been looking for a strategy to stop bogus movie trailers from appearing in your Google Discover stream.

Google has been known to test new features for the Discover feed for extended periods of time, so maybe it's only a matter of time before they push this out more widely.