Google Fi subscribers can now use 5G while roaming in more countries

Google Fi subscribers can now use 5G while roaming in more countries

Google Fi offers amazing value for the money. The LTE and 5G networks of T-Mobile and US Cellular are used by the big G's MVNO to provide affordable mobile data and unlimited texting and calling. It does have some shortcomings, such as the restricted support for 5G networks when roaming abroad. The situation is made worse for iPhone users because the service does not permit Wi-Fi calling or mobile data hotspot usage outside of the nation. With its most recent improvements, Google Fi is now addressing some of these restrictions.

Google said in its announcement that the scope of Fi's global 5G connectivity has been tripled. You may now access 5G speeds in 39 countries, an increase of 26 nations, if you have a compatible Pixel phone or the Samsung Galaxy S22 and are on the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan.

Additionally, you receive these advantages at no additional cost to your monthly subscription. Since only Pixel phones have been able to use 5G roaming on Fi's network up until now, Google also promises to "extend 5G coverage to more countries over time."

Additionally, there have been some noticeable improvements for iPhone users on the Fi network. To begin with, they can now make calls by using Wi-Fi calling. Therefore, if you have access to Wi-Fi and are in a location with a spotty network, you can still make crystal-clear phone calls. In addition, after previously only being available on Android devices, international hotspot tethering is now available on the iPhone.

This will enable you to share your iPhone's internet connection with other devices while you're traveling abroad.

These enhancements to the Fi network for iPhones come more than a year after the network added iPhone support for its data-saving VPN in June 2021. Despite the most recent upgrades, Google Fi on iPhone still offers a worse experience than Android smartphones. The main limitation is still the absence of 5G support; iPhones can only use Fi's 4G network.