Your Google Play Store Reviews Will Now Take 24 Hours To Be Visible

Google Play Store will Delay New Reviews As Per New PlayStore Policies
Image: Google PlayStore

Play Store reviews are a useful tool when deciding which app or game to download, though they aren't perfect. Review bombing campaigns are common, where users decide to damage the reputations of fantastic apps as a form of protest against something.

When their issues might have been easily fixed by the developer, users frequently leave one-star reviews on the Play Store. In order to fix these problems, Google will now only publish reviews after a 24-hour delay. This allows its developers and algorithms time to respond.

Mishaal Rahman noticed that the new rule is as simple as they come. It's typical for app reviews to be published within 24 hours of their production, however, this deadline isn't set in stone and could really be a bit longer or shorter. Developers will still be able to see fresh reviews even though they won't be available to the wider public. This enables them to address them and resolve any potential issues users may be having before the review is publicly disclosed.

Google also claims that the new policy will improve its ability to identify "suspicious" ratings. We assume that the business is using this period to determine whether a review bombing campaign is starting, which might stop unfounded negative reviews from ever being public. On the other side of the medal, there would likely be purchased reviews. Although Google's policies forbid developers from paying for positive ratings, there are many businesses that provide that kind of service. The delay in review processing may also help Google in identifying and blocking these tactics.

The extra delay might also cool off heated debates considerably. Review bombing frequently occurs dynamically, with other users noticing that others also have the same animosity when it's most urgent. Dynamics like these could never exist if reviews were to only appear after a delay. It's unclear how the new regulation will affect the Play Store's appearance or whether it will make it a more civil environment, but it doesn't seem like a horrible idea. Additionally, the company is currently updating several of its policies, and this is just one of many recent adjustments to the Google Play Store's guidelines.