iOS 16 Customizable Lock Screen Now Supported By Google Apps

iOS 16 Customizable Lock Screen Now Supported By Google Apps

The customizable Lock Screen is undoubtedly the most appealing feature of iOS 16, which Apple recently made available to all users. The feature enables you to arrange widgets and critical apps on the lock screen wherever you like for simple access, and it is also possible to do this with well-known Google apps. Look at the specifics.

iOS 16 Adds Google App Widgets to the Lock Screen

You will soon be able to add Search, Chrome, Gmail, News, Google Maps, and Drive app widgets to the iOS 16 Lock Screen to easily access them and receive their notifications, according to a Google announcement. In the coming weeks, iOS 16 will start to support the new Google app widgets.

While the Google Search widget makes it simple to hunt for information using your voice, the camera, or even the translation feature, the Google Maps widget makes it possible to get real-time traffic updates, ETAs, and other information directly on the lock screen. While helping in the search, the Chrome widget also allows you to play the well-known Dino game (when Chrome is not connected) via the lock screen.

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You can browse files and folders on Drive, view the number of emails you've received in Gmail, and use the Google News widget to view headlines in real-time. There is not yet a Google Calendar widget.

The new font choices and styles, battery life, alarms, astronomy wallpapers, and other features are now available on the iOS 16 Lock Screen. The new Focus filters in iOS 16 improve Focus mode, and it also adds editing and undoing iMessages, new Mail app features, Live Text in movies, Visual Look Up, Passkeys in Safari, new Accessibility features, and more. For more information, see our list of the top iOS 16 features.

Later this year, Apple will also roll out the Clean Energy Charging feature (in the US) to optimise charging times and reduce carbon impact, as well as the iCloud Shared Photo Library for simple photo-sharing and Live Activities.