Lenovo Announced New AR Glasses That Works With iPhones

Lenovo Announced New AR Glasses That Works With iPhones, iPads, and Mac

Apple was convinced to launch their first ever Apple Mixed Reality Headset, expected to be launched next year. But wait! Before that launch, Lenovo has made something that can hit Apple for their upcoming glasses. Lenovo announced the arrival of its newest AR glasses "T1" which surprisingly works with iPhones, iPad, and even Mac.

The Newest Lenovo T1 AR Glasses

Lenovo Glasses T1 is ready for bringing the heat of its new product category. They offer a simple design with black glasses with special lenses. Actually, the company distributes it as "your personal mobile display solution" - which means that it only works when it's connected to another device.

The hardware of these Lenovo's AR glasses is not much impressive. It has 2-micro OLED panels with 1080p resolution each. These glasses are also certified for low blue light and flicker reduction for better eye comfort.

As per ArsTechnica, after the tryout of the prototype of the Lenovo T1 Glasses, they felt that the glasses have reasonable brightness level with some vibrant colors as well as the interface and texts are "clear" enough. They also mentioned that controlling the glasses may find difficult sometimes since you control this through another device.

Lenovo Glasses T1 has no built-in processor. That's why it needs an internet connection to a smartphone, tablet, or PC, connected through a USD-C cable and Lenovo says there will be an iPhone adapter for iPhone users.

Finally, the glasses will offer you an immersive experience with what you can do with your smartphone or PC . Although it is quite restricted but for movie-watchers or gamers, these glasses can make your day. It also has an in-built speakers, in case you were wondering.

Lenovo T1 AR Glasses Price and Availability

These Lenovo AR glasses will be launched later this year in China and arriving to the "selected markets" in 2023. While the company didn't disclosed its price, but a company representative told ArsTechnica that the product should cost under $500.

Meanwhile, Apple has been reportedly working on two new AR/VR products along with $3,000 worth of Mixed Reality Headsets. The company claims to announce its own AR glasses in the future.