Snapchat Introduces iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget, Chat Shortcuts, and More

Snapchat Introduces iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget and more new features

Undoubtedly the most well-liked and fascinating feature of iOS 16 is the customizable Lock Screen, which supports a variety of widgets. Along with the native app widgets, Google apps will soon be available as lock screen widgets, and Snapchat has also added one as well. Here are all the specifics of the additional features that have been introduced.

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Snapchat Introduces New Features

You can maintain your current conversation on your lock screen using Snapchat's new iOS 16 Lock Screen widget. To simply maintain your Snap Streak with a single tap, keep the Snapchat Camera on the lock screen.

Snapchat has also introduced Chat Shortcuts to make things simpler. You will be able to quickly access unread messages, missed calls, replies to your Stories, and chats thanks to these being shown at the top of the chats on the app. To ensure that you don't forget to wish your pals a happy birthday, the Shortcuts menu will also keep you informed about forthcoming birthdays.

Similar to Instagram Stories, Snapchat now offers Question Stickers so you can ask your friends for advice if you're unsure about something. Additionally, the recently launched Snapchat for Web is now accessible to all users.

Snapchat New Features for iOS 16 widgets

In an effort to simplify things, Snapchat has also introduced Chat Shortcuts. These will be positioned at the top of the chats on the app, making it simple for you to access chats, missed calls, unread messages, and replies to your Stories. Additionally, the Shortcuts menu will notify you of coming birthdays so that you don't forget to wish your pals.

The web version of Snapchat, which lets you send Snaps and make audio/video calls among other things, was initially only available to Snapchat+ subscribers. The photo-sharing website's premium tier includes additional premium features.

The updated Snapchat capabilities will soon be made available to all users worldwide. For access to these new features, make sure to upgrade your Snapchat app.