Telegram introduces more emoji options and new features

Telegram introduces more emoji options and new features

Telegram's premium customers can utilize animated emojis to update their status. Telegram unveiled a number of new features on Monday as part of its most recent upgrade, allowing users to share more information on the network. These new features include enhanced login flow, new username links, download prioritization, and new media animations. Users now have access to a wider variety of emoji possibilities to enrich their interactions thanks to these features.

All Telegram users now have access to dozens of reactions that were previously only available to Telegram Premium subscribers. Premium customers, meanwhile, can add three reactions to each message and select from a limitless number of personalised emojis for their reactions.

Whether or not members may utilise custom reactions will be decided by group administrators.

"Telegram has extended the reaction panel and has added all the new emojis. According to the company's statement, the replies that people use the most frequently will now be displayed at the top.

Similar to other messaging services, Telegram's premium customers can add animated emoticons to their status to communicate with others more effectively.

Following the most recent upgrade, each user will also receive a special link format username ( to promote their name.

Users that often log in and out of Telegram are the target audience for the new login flow functionality. Users can log in using Apple and Google, or it will email them login codes.

Additionally, it promises to make using Telegram on iOS devices easier.

Other changes include the choice of new animations for opening, closing, and changing media on Telegram for Android smartphones, as well as the opportunity to prioritise the order in which media downloads are made.