Truecaller for iOS Updated With New Powerful Spam Detection and More

Truecaller for iOS Updated with Better Spam Detection and More

For Android users, Truecaller is a blessing but talking about iOS users, it was difficult to make the most out of it. Caller ID verification isn't as good as Android.

But not anymore. Truecaller is ready to turn the tables with its new major update for its iOS app, introducing lots of new features primarily better spam detection call identification.

Features of New Truecaller iOS App Update

The company claims that the Truecaller iOS app has now been made 10 times better caller ID. The company has overall improved the spam detection algorithm on iOS, which is intended to automatically update spam information for more accurate and updated called ID and spam detection. This simply means that from now, iOS users will be able to identify an unknown number during the phone is ringing, similar to Android.

Truecaller for iOS has even updated the Search Extension where people can easily search for an unknown number if the call was missed. This option can only be found under the info section of the number in your call logs. All you have to do is, share contact with truecaller to identify it. Once identified, the number will show up in the call logs along with necessary information so that you could identify the number in the future.

Truecaller has also introduced Caller ID Emojis to show a warning icon  (🚨)  for spammy numbers, a verified tick icon ( ✅) for safe numbers, a phone icon (📲) for calls from Android users, and a search icon (🔎) for unidentified numbers. Truecaller also featured a new Premium user offer for iOS users.

Truecaller has also introduced Caller ID Emojis

In addition, Truecaller says its iOS app will soon get better SMS filtering, a new number lookup widget, automated blocking of the worst spammers, in-depth statistics on spam-marked numbers, and more.