Twitter Blue Announced: Users have to Pay for Subscription To Edit Tweets

Twitter Will Charge You For Edit Tweets

The option to edit tweets, which has been one of the most desired features, will finally be available, Twitter announced on Thursday.

You must pay for Twitter Blue's monthly subscription in order to experience the edit tweet feature, which is currently being tested internally before being made available to all subscribers later this month. Currently, Twitter Blue costs $4.99 per month.

Twitter's membership service, which at the moment provides ad-free content, unique app icons, themes, bookmark folders, and more, could benefit from the addition if there is sufficient demand.

A release states that within 30 minutes of a tweet's first publication, users will have the option to alter the tweet's text and add tags. A label, icon, and timestamp on an edited tweet will indicate that it has been changed. Users can tap the label to examine the tweet's edit history and previous iterations.

According to the company, the time limit and version history will "protect the integrity of the conversation" by making a public record of what was said.