Whatsapp Companion Mode is Available in Beta for Android Tablets

Whatsapp Multi-Device Mode is Available in Beta for Android Tablets

Whatsapp initially started so called Linked Devices feature back in November 2021. Whenever your mobile is connected to the internet, Linked Device feature can be used for making communication better on your computer as well. It can also be used if your phone is offline. It simply means it even works when your primary device is offline and you want to turn On Whatsapp web on your computer. Now, Whatsapp is spreading its wings with a new Companion mode beta feature for Android tablets especially.

Whatsapp multi-device or Linked Device feature lets you connect your Whatsapp account of your phone with up to four (4) desktop computers using a QR code created on the Whatsapp Web homepage. However, it was not officially possible to use this method on another smartphone or tablet. But last years's Multi Device 2.0 update and this time Companion Mode beta update on Android Tablets and Android smartphones is something that gives us a hope of using our very own Whatsapp account on two Android phones, one phone and one tablet or two tablets simultaneously.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the Companion mode for tablets brought Whatsapp Beta version (v2.22.21.5 and v2.22.21.6) to lots of beta testers which simply means that these beta testers can link their Whatsapp account from Android smartphone or an iPhone to an Android tablet.

How to Set Up Whatsapp Companion Mode

1. Open Whatsapp and click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner in Android smartphones, or the gear icon on the iPhone and select Linked Devices.

2. Now, capture the QR code displayed on your second device, for example, on your Android tablet where another Whatsapp is running. Whatsapp will simultaneously start working on your Android tablet too.

3. After setting up, chats will be synced between both devices, even when the primary smartphone doesn't have an internet connection.

Setting up Whatsapp on two mobile devices is quite similar to the Whatsapp Web. Even the QR code interface is very much the same. While this is currently available for beta testers, so you, as a beta tester, may get a disturbing interface until the stable version comes out.

Future Roadmap of Whatsapp Companion Mode

According to the report, you are still only allowed to link four companion devices per WhatsApp account, but at least one of those devices can now optionally be a tablet. However, WABetaInfo cautions that the latest beta may be lacking a few capabilities, such as Communities and the option to view real-time locations. In short order, WhatsApp could introduce support for these.

A similar Companion mode implementation may soon arrive on smartphones, enabling them to serve as linked devices as well. The functionality and appearance of Companion mode may vary during the beta testing phase. When that occurs, you won't have to rely on doubtful or time-consuming hacks to use one account across several devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.