Whatsapp New Chat-Based Survey Feature is Being Tested

Whatsapp New Chat-Based Survey Feature is Being Tested

Whatsapp is the one that gets frequent updates from time to time and we're always hearing about new features that are in the works, many of which aren't even available to beta testers yet.

How are developers supposed to keep track of what is meeting user expectations and what isn't when there is so much going on? The messaging app is reportedly planning to create an in-app survey that looks like a chat conversation to gather customer input.

This new feature allows you to talk directly with a verified business account controlled by WhatsApp and express your opinions on particular app features and goods, as reported by WABetaInfo.

Whatsapp survey on testing
Image Source: WABetaInfo

You'll see an invitation that explains the objective of the survey and gives you the option to accept or decline if you're one of the select few who asked to participate. You can block the WhatsApp Surveys account, just like any other contact, if you have no interest in participating at all. This will stop you from receiving any more invitations.

Expecting this feedback form to give you the power to ask for significant new features or other drastic modifications to the service's architecture is unrealistic. Instead, it appears to be a framework that would be useful for A/B tests and other beta development stages. The new business account conversation, however, beats writing lengthy letters and bug reports addressed to WhatsApp support and its engineers for everyone invited to provide input.

Given the requirement for feedback across platforms and the fact that the functionality was initially seen in development on the iOS app, it is probably safe to assume that its implementation on Android will happen eventually.