Windows 11 Latest Official Update 2022 Introduced; Check Features

Windows 11 Latest Official Update Introduced
ImageSource: Microsoft

A year has passed since the release of Windows 11, and based on Microsoft's new refresh cycles, the major Windows 11 upgrade, also known as the Windows 11 22H2 update, was planned. Microsoft has finally made the Windows 11 2022 update official for everyone after distributing it to the Release Preview Channel. We've heard of new features that are included in the upgrade.

What's New in the Windows 11 2022 Update?

File Explorer now has tabs, which the tech giant also included in the beta channel with the new Windows 11 2022 update. The goal is to make all the files conveniently organized. Quick access to favorite files, the ability to pin significant files, and other features are all available from the File Explorer home page. However, this won't be accessible until October.

Windows 11 2022 Update Key Features

·         New update will make you work on Windows 11 easier than before as it features more accurate search to the Start menu, Quick Settings, as well as better local and current events coverage on your Widgets board.

·         Users will get a very long awaited feature in October - tabs in File Explorer

·         The new update features Snap Layouts which will smartly arrange open windows on your desktop. Snap Layouts are more adaptable with improved touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge.

·         Intend to lower the distractions? Focus sessions and Do Not Disturb are here to help you in it. Whenever Focus Sessions are On, Do Not Disturb mode automatically turns Off. This will turn off notifications, taskbar badges, app notifications, etc.

·         Now, Windows 11 update gets you a new accessibility feature such as more natural voices, and improving the text-to-speech function.

·         Windows 11 Smart App Control lets you install new apps without any danger of potentially malicious activities.

·         This update has given more power to the Microsoft Teams by introducing Windows Studio Effects which is mainly focused on improving audio and video calls.

·         Windows 11 2022 update comes with a new Controller Bar which is an updated view of Xbox Game Bar. The Controller Bar will boost your gaming experience by improving latency and unlock Auto HDR and Variable Refresh.

Clipchamp, which was once more being tested in the Dev channel, is now the default video editing software for Windows 11. Additionally, the update adds Windows Studio Effects  to enhance video and audio chats, which have features like Voice Focus, Background Blur, and Eye Contact.

Tab Explorer Windows 11

New accessibility features include system-wide live captions, voice access to manage the PC and author text with your voice, and Natural Voices for Narrator. There are also new upgrades for the Start Menu and a better and more precise search. With Windows 11, Snap Layouts was launched. It has now been updated with enhanced touch navigation and the capacity to snap multiple Microsoft Edge browser tabs.

You can increase your concentration on your work by using the new Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb modes. The taskbar badges will be disabled once enabled, along with alerts and other features. Focus Sessions also integrate with the Clock app so you can use a timer to set reminders for breaks.

In terms of gameplay, latency will be reduced and features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate for window games will be added. For access to thousands of games and apps, Microsoft is now bringing the Amazon Appstore Preview to international regions. Additionally, it is expanding the Microsoft Store Ads test. The Photos app has been updated with new features for simpler media management, Taskbar overflow, suggested actions while copying information, and the capacity to use Nearby Share to share to multiple devices. In October, these will also be available.

Snap Layouts Improvements

An update for the Windows Update procedure was previously made available on the Dev channel in March. Microsoft will schedule upgrades at times when carbon emissions are at their lowest, making this more environmentally beneficial.

For reduced carbon emission, there are additional adjustments to the default power settings for Sleep and Screen off.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which warns you if you are entering your credentials on a dangerous website or app, is one of the new security features that has been added. Windows Hello for Business has an optional presence-sensing capability and Smart App Control to restrict malicious apps and script files, among other features.

Starting today, Windows 11 devices can start using the new Windows 11 2022 update. The update is easily installable and may be found in the Windows Update area. Users of Windows 10 can also download the update through Settings, but it's recommended to check if the computer is compatible.