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9 New Technology Inventions You Must Have | Gadgets Under 500 Rupees to Rs1000, Rs5K and even 5Lakh

Hey Guys, very very welcome to my blog. Friends, if we use smart devices for getting smart security, then our life and our smart devices present smartness to our smart security, by which we can more secure our family members than before. So, what's the matter? For this, you are going to see some automatic, bionic and unique devices in this blog post which will surely amaze you but put you in a doubt, where do all these gadgets come from? So, Let's begin with our 17 new technology inventions you must see and even you must have.

Following are the 9 new technology inventions described:


Bionic Kangaroo is a robot model developed and made by Festo in the form of a kangaroo. Applying methods from kinematics, bionics, and biomimetics, Festo's researchers and engineers studied the way kangaroos move, and applied that to the design of a robot that moves in a similar way. The robot saves energy from each jump and applies it to its next jump, much as a real kangaroo does.


Each Archont is built-to-order by hand, featuring a swooping stainless steel frame and fork. And if you think it looks long, you're not imagining things – the extra-large model measures 3 meters (9.8 ft) from tip to tail, and weighs 55 kg (121 lb).

The bike features a 7-kW rear hub motor powered by either a 72V/20Ah lithium iron-phosphate or 74V/23Ah lithium-ion battery pack, protected within a locking carbon fiber casing. A full three-hour charge should be good for a range of up to 60 miles (97 km) in throttle mode alone, thanks to some assistance from a regenerative braking system. Doing a bit of pedalling will obviously increase that range.

While in said throttle mode, riders can shift between four forward "gears," along with a reverse(!) gear. Care should be taken when going into reverse, however, as the Archont can reach a top motor-only speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) – this presumably means that buyers will have to register it as a scooter. A constant speed can be maintained using a cruise control feature, plus users can cap the top speed at a more "comfortable" level.


The name isn’t just a nice pun, it actually describes the system perfectly. Bug-A-Salt is a salt gun for flies. Just aim, fire, and the effect is like using a shotgun on a deer. Of course, it does go a bit deeper than that.

The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is the standard gun with an improved power and durability over the original version, this gun can be loaded with ordinary table salt. Besides the yellow version, there are two camouflage models: the Camofly and Passion Assassin. Accuracy is about three feet, and the salt spray is gentle enough that it won’t damage anything fragile while still being strong enough to kill the bug. This is the perfect weapon if your flies haven’t been genetically engineered to fly out of an open window instead of landing on the pane.

4 | 3DOODLER 2.0

3Doodler pens extrude heated plastic that hardens in seconds, allowing you to literally draw in the air. It’s that easy. The 3Doodler 2.0boasts some significant improvements over its predecessor. In addition to a considerably smaller form factor, the second-gen 3Doodler also features a new-and-improved nozzle design, a better heating algorithm, and variable speed and temperature controls. It’s also got a new feed system that makes extrusion more reliable and consistent, and compatibility with a slew of new accessories. No matter how you look at it, version 2.0 is better than ever.

5 | EVE

Eve is a growing ecosystem of connected accessories designed exclusively for the HomeKit-enabled household. From controlling and automating devices and appliances to monitoring your indoor and outdoor environments, each Eve accessory brings a unique set of features to the table. All of which you access via any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch in your home.  


Troja Bike is the first and only GPS positioning system that can be neither turned off nor removed or destroyed by thieves. Troja bike is securely fixed inside the bicycle frame and can be easily operated. The battery runs up to a season and can be recharged at any time. The cellular connection is available in 44 countries and Troja Bike uses all available satellite systems for position determination:


The Tesvor will clean hard floors and carpets although it can’t manage thicker carpets more than 0.6 inches deep. With wifi connection you can control your vacuum with your smart phone. It requires it to be on  2.4GHz to work. Once you have downloaded the app you have the capability of starting your robot vacuum manually or setting a cleaning schedule so that it will set off automatically at a time of your choosing. This can be very useful if you work and would like to have your floors cleaned for when you come home. The X500 is pretty quiet when running too, only around 60 decibels so you could even set it off at night.


  • Smart Home Integration

  • 360° Camera

  • Advanced privacy protection

  • Multi-mode Protection

  • Entire Perimeter Protection

  • Powered by the Cloud

  • Day & Night Protection

  • Built-In Battery

  • Advanced Sound Recognition

  • Voice Password


Teodoor is a reliable and secure Bluetooth operated smart lock. It fits perfectly on the inside of your door lock in seconds. With Teodoor, your smartphone becomes your new door key. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors, providing you with a complete, personal smart lock experience – in truly hands-free fashion. Using state of the art security, user-friendly installation and a well-thought app, while at the same time having a compact footprint with a sleek design.

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