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AMD Is Launching Zen 3 CPUs Work In X570 And B550 Motherboards

AMD has produced some great processors, if this news is correct because it confirmed that its next generation of desktop processors - 4th Gen Ryzen - which can use its Zen 3 architecture, are going to be compatible with current X570 and B550 motherboards.

AMD Confirms Zen 3 CPUs Work In X570 And B550 Motherboards

This means that current owners of the newest generation of Socket AM4 are going to be ready to drop by one among the new CPUs once they arrive, but owners of older chipset motherboards, like X470 or B450 will got to upgrade. The X570 chipset is it's current flagship chipset and it offers PCIe 4.0 support, while more cheaper boards which are compatible with B550 chipset, also offer PCIe 4.0 support and can be available soon. AMD's Robert Hallock said that current motherboards will work with its next generation processors, but would require a BIOS update.

AMD 500 series chipset processor support

However, this might pose problems for enthusiasts purchasing motherboards round the time of Zen 3's release if they need no way of updating the motherboard's BIOS with a compatible CPU first. Some motherboards offer some sort of USB BIOS Flashback - a tool to update the BIOS without a CPU even being within the CPU socket. An alternative is to use AMD's short term processor loan boot kit, which has been available to affect an equivalent situation with previous generations of CPUs. Asked whether the particular socket would wish to vary in future, Hallock said there have been no plans here, but future technology changes could require it in future. I should means that the particular cooler mounting mechanism could stay an equivalent for for much longer than this, though, since there are no changes made here since AMD introduced Socket AM4 in 2017.


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