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The Best Chromebooks of 2020

The best Chromebooks in 2020 are more than just the lightweight laptop alternatives they were first created to be. These days, Chromebooks have evolved to be just as capable (or at times, more) than the classic laptops. What were once largely considered to be budget and less powerful substitutes are now reliable portables in their own right, and many of them can hold their own against some of the best laptops out there.

While it holds true that the best Chromebooks may not be for everyone, the same can be said about laptops. If your everyday computing demands involve extensive video editing or AutoCAD designing, for example, a Chromebook isn’t for you – just as not so powerful laptops wouldn’t be ideal. However, if your typical workday mostly includes emails, word processing and handling spreadsheets, and you can do all your important tasks on the Chrome browser, then a Chromebook is a great and more cost-effective fit.

The best Chromebooks will see you through productivity and multitasking – as well as last you long enough for some post-work entertainment due to their excellent battery life – without breaking a sweat or your bank. We carefully picked the best Chromebooks we’ve reviewed so far, and included our price comparison tool. This just might be the best investment you’ll make this year.

1. Google Pixelbook Go

The best Chromebook ever made

CPU: Intel Core m3 - Intel Core i7 |Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 615 |RAM: 8GB - 16GB |Screen: 13.3-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) or 4K LCD touchscreen |Storage: 128GB - 256GB eMMC

The original Pixelbook felt fresh. The unique mix of aluminum and glass, accented by the two-tone color scheme wasn’t a MacBook clone like so many laptops these days. There was a movement to the design, your eye and hand drawn to the different aspects of the device. 

I can’t say that about the Pixelbook Go. It’s a flat design with very few embellishments. The lid closely resembles last year’s Pixel Slate with its solid color and a subtle Google logo in the corner. The form factor itself is also far more conventional. It features a standard 13.3-inch screen in a pure clamshell design. While it does have a touchscreen, the hinge doesn’t rotate all the way around. You can’t use the Pixelbook Pen with it.

2. Asus Chromebook Flip

Premium Chromebook specs, economic Chromebook pricing

CPU: Intel Pentium 4405Y – Intel Core m3-6Y30 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 12.5-inch, FHD (1,920 x 1,080) LED backlit anti-glare | Storage: 32GB – 64GB eMMC

With a larger display, longer battery life and stronger performance, the newAsus Chromebook FlipC434 (reviewedat $569) is a big improvement over its excellent predecessor, theChromebook FlipC302CA. Furthermore, theChromebook FlipC434 has a sleek aluminum chassis and its 14-inch panel is both vivid and bright.

3. Acer Chromebook 314

A tremendous Chromebook

CPU: Intel Celeron N4000 | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 14-inch LED (1366 x 768) high definition | Storage: 32GB eMMC

The Acer Chromebook 314 offers excellent value for money given its price point, size and performance. If you're looking for a good size laptop-esque Chromebook in the 14-inch range that is easy to use, reliable and has a wonderful screen and battery life combo, then this is it.

4. Acer Chromebook Spin 311

Versatile and fun little Chromebook for work and play

CPU: Intel Celeron N4000 | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 11.6" HD (1366 x 768) 16:9 IPS touchscreen | Storage: 64GB Flash Memory

The compact nature of theAcer Chromebook Spin 311makes it an ideal smaller device for those looking for something you can basically use one-handed. The toughened glass and robust shell are great confidence builders; you'll be sure that theAcer Chromebook Spin 311will survive bumps and knocks.

5. Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 2-in-1

Back to the core of the Chromebook

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 400 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 11.6-inch, HD (1366 x 768) touchscreen | Storage: 32GB-64GB eMMC

Reliable Everyday Performance. Under the hood of the Inspiron Chromebook 11 2-in-1 is a dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 chip that's paired up with 4GB of RAM. While neither spec would set your hair on fire in a Windows environment, the Dell's performance in Chrome OS is respectable.

6. Acer Chromebook Spin 11

A fresh spin on one of the best Chromebooks

CPU: 1.1GHz Intel Celeron N3350 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500 | RAM: 4GB LPDDR4 | Screen: 11.6-inch HD (1,366 x 768) IPS touch | Storage: 32GB eMMC SSD

Acer's Chromebook Spin 11 CP311 features a dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC flash memory. Nothing earth-shattering as far as specs are concerned, but the Spin 11 is surprisingly competent when it comes to handling stressful workloads.

7. Acer Chromebook 15

Favoring longevity over beefy specs

CPU: Intel Pentium N4200 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 505 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 15.6-inch, FHD (1,920 x 1,080) | Storage: 32GB eMMC

The Good The Acer Chromebook 15 is a stylish notebook with a large 15.6-inch screen. It has a backlit keyboard, touchscreen and loud speakers. Battery life is long-lasting. The Bad The screen is dull.

8. Acer Chromebook R11

The 360-degree hinge is a winner

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 – N3150 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 400 | RAM: 4GB | Screen: 11.6-inch, HD (1,366 x 768) | Storage: 16GB – 32GB SSD

Not only is theR11the most attractive budget laptop you can buy, but it's also one of the most portable. At just 1.2kg, it's light enough to hold comfortably with one hand, which makes its tablet-like ambitions seem very reasonable. It's thin, too, at just 20mm thick.

9. HP Chromebook 14

Striking optimal balance between value and design

CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 – N2940 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics | RAM: 2GB – 4GB | Screen: 14-inch, HD (1,366 x 768) BrightView | Storage: 16GB – 32GB eMMC

The HP Chromebook 14 (reviewed at $248) is a solid choice. A significant upgrade over the AMD model, the Intel version of the Chromebook 14 lasts all day on a charge and has a comfortable keyboard. The notebook also has a sleek white design and the 1080p display is a luxury at this price point.

10. Acer Chromebook Spin 15

The ultimate Chromebook for multitasking

CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615 | RAM: 8 – 16GB | Screen: 12.3-inch, QHD (2,400 x 1,600) touchscreen | Storage: 128GB – 512GB

The Acer Chromebook Spin 15 might just be one of the very few Chromebooks that can make converts out of traditional laptops users. That is, especially for those on a strict and limited budget, but still want a certain level of performance.


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