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Best TVs Under $500 To Buy In 2020

Today, almost every house is incomplete with none television. For this very reason, there are different types of televisions that you simply can choose between . LED TVs are the trend today with many interesting features and at various price points. However, in most cases, you'll buy a television with interesting features at a reasonable price. There are many manufacturers competing with one another to urge you the simplest deals. As a result, if you're on a shoestring budget, you'll be spoilt for choices once you look out for a TV that matches your requirements. Presented here may be a list of TVs priced under $500, highlighting their features to form your search process easier.

Best TVs Under $500

TCL 32S305 Easy-to-Use TV

Roku TV delivers the simplest smart-TV experience on the market. an outstanding interface makes its thousands of apps and streaming video easy to use from the TV's own simple remote. it is also less costly and more frequently updated than simply about the other smart TV. No Ethernet port. the most important , 49-inch size isn't nearly as good a worth because the others. If you are looking for a reasonable small TV, the Roku-powered TCL S305 series should be your first choice.

Best TV under $500 with Big Screen

Toshiba 50LF621U19 4K Ultra HD TV

Amazon’s Fire 4K TVs aren't made by Amazon itself. Instead, three different brands (so far) have opted to use Amazon branding and Amazon’s excellent smart TV platform (along with its Alexa remote control) in their own 4K UHD TVs and label these models as “Amazon Fire” 4K TVs. It’s a workable relationship and what you get once you buy anybody of the models currently alive may be a very basic 4K UHD TV in terms of display performance but with a perfectly good smart TV platform and remote features that are premium-good. The Toshiba Amazon Fire 4K UHD TV of 2018 (and into early 2019) is that the better of the three existing Amazon Fire 4K UHF TVs, with others from Insignia and Element being priced almost an equivalent but with slightly weaker display performance specs. This 4K HDR TV is basic and it won’t wow anyone with its picture vibrancy, but its 4K resolution is nearly as good because it gets in the other 4K TV and therefore the Amazon accessories built into the Toshiba Fire TV are genuinely a superb deal for this model’s nearly the lowest budget price. For this reason, we thought it had been worth reviewing and price praising in certain ways.

Best TV under $500 with Dual Mount Options

Sceptre X328BV-SR Energy Star 7.0 Certified TV

The Sceptre television features 720p HD resolution for a rendition of sharp pictures. The 32” LED TV features a dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a LED lamp lifetime of 50,000+ hours. The gadget features a refresh rate of 60 Hz that assist you enjoy fast paced scenes with minimum or no blur. It supports Clear QAM, NTSC and ATSC tuners while integrating MEMC 120, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and Energy Star 7.0 functionalities at an equivalent time. The MEMC 120 function allows a smooth transition of action-packed sequences with excellent picture quality from one frame to a different . MHL helps you in streaming contents from a compatible tablet or smartphone to the tv . The TV features a thin black frame with two strands of an equivalent color on the edges for flat mounting purposes. The gadget has two HDMI inputs, a component input, a USB and a composite output. It also comes with an HDMI cable and a VESA wall mount for those that would really like to repair the tv on to a wall. The cable produces excellent digital video and audio on the screen.

Best TV under $500 with IPS Display

LG 22LJ4540 Full-Array LED TV

IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology highlights the performance of liquid displays. Response times is short, color production is improved, and users can now view the screen at virtually any angle. Tri-XD Engine processes images with even greater precision to enable more natural color expression and deeper contrast . HDMI also called High Definition Multimedia Interface offers amazing audio and video quality and one single-cable convenience. This monitor includes an HDMI input, so you'll connect a real high-definition source, like a computer, Blu-ray player or next-generation video game console. LG’s LED back light delivers unique brightness and amazing image clarity. you will see richer colors and deeper blacks too, and LEDs offer greater energy efficiency compared to standard LCD monitors.

Best TV under $500 with a Slim Design

Samsung 40NU7100 Flat 4K UHD TV

The Samsung 40-inch NU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV could also be on the tiny side for a 4K TV, but it offers good-enough picture and sound quality and a reasonably robust smart TV experience, though we wish it were a touch more polished and full-featured.

The Samsung 40-inch NU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV could also be on the tiny side for a 4K TV, but it offers good-enough picture and sound quality and a reasonably robust smart TV experience, though we wish it were a touch more polished and full-featured.

Best TV under $500 with Ambient Light Sensor

Vizio D24HN-G9 Edge-Lit LED Backlit TV

The 24 inches Vizio LED TV comes with 720p HD screen that permits you to enjoy clear and HDR pictures. The TV has an edge LED back-lighting that lights up LEDs along the four edges of the screen. This makes the image on the screen appear all the more stunning. The gadget incorporates an inbuilt ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen consistent with the environment . The black frame television features a 60 Hz refresh rate that rules out blurring during fast action sequences. The gadget comes with a foreign control and a stand fitted on either side of the unit for mounting it on a flat surface. it's two HDMI ports for you to attach any two of your favorite high definition entertainment devices.

Best TV under $500 with Free HDMI Cable

Sony Bravia KLV-32W602D Multi-System LED TV

The Sony Bravia 32 inches TV comes with 720p resolution that gives perfect picture quality. The TV incorporates various color systems like SECAM and PAL. It comes with various social viewing functionalities like Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi connectivity, Skype Ready and One-Touch Mirroring. The gadget integrates an X-Reality PRO image processing engine that processes each image and provides it the simplest color, shape, texture and pattern. The Motion Flow XR 200 technology gives the fast paced scenes of action movies and sports a sensible effect. The HD Smart TV works at an operating voltage of 110 to 240 V and an output wattage of 16 W to deliver clear and loud audio results. it's four HDMI ports, an analog audio input and two USB 2.0 ports. The slim black frame television includes an extended rectangular silver represent keeping it on flat surfaces.

Best TV under $500 with HDMI Audio Return Channel

Hisense 40H3080E Full HD LED TV

The 40 inches Hisense LED TV come with a Full HD 1080p resolution with LED back-light that creates pictures truly sharp and detailed. The easy-to-set-up television features a motion rate frequency of 60 Hz that permits you to enjoy your action sequences without distortion or blur. it's capable of minimizing input lag and color inaccuracies when it's wont to play video games. The HDMI CEC support helps in using an equivalent remote to show the sound bar on or off along side your television. The HDMI Audio Return Channel minimizes the necessity for cables to transfer audio from the TV to the soundbar. The television comes with a black frame and an inverted V-shaped leg of an equivalent color on either side for mounting it on flat surfaces. It allows connection to external devices through a USB port and two HDMI inputs.

Best TV under $500 with LED High-Resolution Widescreen

Pyle PTVLED15 Multi-Viewing Mode LED TV

The 15.6” Pyle TV has an updated display with a 1366 x 768p Full HD high resolution. This helps the TV render a good range of colours and making the photographs more realistic. It features various viewing modes like zoom and cinema. The unit has control buttons on its top panels and supports sleep timer, closed caption and V-chip functions. The television comes with a broad black frame fitted on a central stand that's mounted on an oblong base of an equivalent color. the bottom are often removed for mounting the TV on a wall. It comes with a full function LED remote that works with two AAA batteries, and inbuilt full range speakers. The unit comes with HDMI, RCA Audio, PC Audio, RF Antenna and VGA/PC inputs. The output options include headphone and digital optical audio. The TV can be used with both PC and Mac computers.

Best TV under $500 with Built-In DVD Player

Axess TVD1801-32 Easy Control HD LED TV

The 32 inches Axess TV comes with a 1366 x 768p resolution that produces decent quality images. The TV features a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a facet ratio of 16:9. It features a refresh rate of 60 Hz that forestalls blurring of fast-moving scenes. The gaming monitor is ultra clear and brings any video game to life. The inbuilt DVD player at the rear allows you to observe your favorite movies without connecting a media player externally while the built-in speakers assure you of fantastic sound results from any a part of the space . The speakers also support chroma separation and 3D video decoding aside from minimizing the noise related to 3D videos. The thin black frame gives the tv a sleek design apt for any room. The unit comprises multiple input-output options like inbuilt cable/antenna RF jack, VGA, USB input, PC audio jack, three HDMI ports, coaxial output jack, earphone audio jack and CVBS input. The gadget is mounted on a black central stand with an oblong base for surface mount and may even be mounted on a wall. It comes with a full function remote .

Best Budgeted TV From Vizio With All The Needed Features

VIZIO D-Series 55″ UHD 4K TV

The D Series from Vizio is another perfect choice that's one among the simplest TVs under $500 to shop for . The screen size is large enough . this is often an ultra Full HD 4K TV that's equipped with the complete array local dimming technology. It offers the image quality an excellent boost and each single detail is captured by the viewers greatly. This 55 inch D series TV has 4 HDMI input that gives you ample options to use the port. the simplest part is you'll enjoy all the superb features for just $500. So, this could definitely be the simplest choice by those that are tight on budget.

Best 4K TV From LG With Great Picture Quality

LG 43UJ6300 Super UHD 4K TV

A great TV from LG which is wrapped with excellent features to call it together of the simplest TVs of 2019. The integrated IPS panel ensures the photographs are going to be enjoyable from every angle. the image will stay vibrant always which is basically exciting. The screen is large enough at 43-inch size. many connectivity option like three HDMI and two USB ports make sure you connect just everything you would like . The direct backlit 4K thing is basically enjoyable on this TV. It runs on LG’s very own WebOS OS that permits you quick access to everything. you'll stream anything and may have access to your favorite app from the OS quickly. It includes a refresh rate of 60Hz that indicates you'll never need to compromise with the image quality.

Best Bigger screen TV under $500

Hisense 50″ Class 4K Smart TV-50H6C

If you're in search of an enormous sized full smart functional TV at a coffee budget, this is often the one to seem for. This TV will assist you spend quality time offering a home theater like feeling. the image quality is stunning at 2160p resolution while the UHD 4K display is simply mind-blowing. you'll be ready to enjoy the image in the least light condition. The sound is basically rich to supply a home theater feeling but you'll also add a speaker or sound bar if you would like more loud sound. The screen size is great, 50 inches, while the processing of HDR ensures great brightness and contrast ratio. and therefore the better part is of these are enjoyable under $500.

Best Budgeted 4k TV

Sceptre U550CV-UMR 55-Inch TV

This is the last 4K TV to say on our list. Bigger is best and you'll pip out for fewer than $350. The screen size is 55 inches. The features are pretty good that make it one among the simplest TVs under $500 to shop for in 2019. Its display is ultra HD 4K having a much bigger resolution is 3840X2160p. The black is deep enough to permit you to enjoy every detail just hassle free. This TV is out there on Amazon at an ideal rate.


There is no dearth of choices if you would like to shop for a television under the $500 tag with various manufacturers offering an equivalent . one among the primary parameters you want to consider is that the screen size. most manufacturers offer televisions with standard screen sizes like 32”, 42” and 50”. a number of them can also have a couple of other screen sizes like 28”. Where you propose to use the tv plays an important role in determining this size. subsequent important parameters are the sort of display and determination offered. They determine the clarity and crispness with which the pictures are displayed. Last but not the smallest amount , if you are doing not want to attach an external media player to your television, then take your pick from those televisions that accompany a built-in DVD player.


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