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Latest Technology News: Google 's Coronavirus Website is Launched in United States

Alphabet's company GOOGLE has said on SATURDAY that GOOGLE has launched a UNITED-STATES-focused website with information about CORONAVIRUS guidance and testing, while the country is working on slowing the spread of the highly dangerous virus. The move comes a week after President Donald Trump held a press conference wherein he claimed Google would be building a screening website for the coronavirus that would direct people to testing sites.

The website,, is "focused on education, prevention and local resources. People can find state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses," Google said in a blog post.

The launch coincided with a major uptick in cases of the virus identified in the US, where there are cases in every state and 274 deaths as of March 21. The virus has dominated global searches on the platform, according to Google.

"As coronavirus becomes a challenge in more communities and as authorities around the world develop new guidance and tools to address the pandemic, we'll continue to find more opportunities to connect people with key information to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe," Emily Moxley, Product Management Director of Search, said in a statement alongside the launch.

Concerns around disinformation have swirled around the pandemic, as false and misleading information has been aired on a variety of platforms, from Fox News to encrypted messaging app Whatsapp.

Google's site launch comes nearly a week after President Donald Trump announced the administration was partnering with Google to build a website to screen symptoms and direct people to testing sites. Google's sister site Verily later clarified that the site would not be available nationwide, but only for limited number of people in San Francisco's Bay Area.


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