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Has anyone won anything from contests?

Has anyone won anything from contests?

Amazon Mobile App Users have participated in more than 100 Quiz Contests of Amazon India app, anticipating to win in each of the contest. But most of them were so unfortunate that they never able to win it. It is due to the large scale participation in these contests. Luck plays a crucial role in emerging as a winner in these contests rather than your intelligence & hard work.Though there were 1/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 50 or 100 or even 1000 winners declared for some of the individual contests, they were never able to win even a small prize. The probability of winning in an Amazon app contest is very low.

I may never be able to win in any of the Amazon contests, even when 5000 winners per contests by lucky draw are announced. In spite of having near zero probability of winning any prize from Amazon, it gives me immense pleasure to participate in it. Questions are interesting, well structured and improves our knowledge.

Once an Amazon U.S. and Amazon India user tell a full review about the structure of Amazon:

"Mostly Amazon or their employee would ensure their own circle of people are winners. I have playing quizzes since one year and it’s highly unlikely that one can never win after playing more than 365 quizes. #Amazon does lot of malpractices inside. Nowadays if you post a review about a bad product, chances are that amazon India will not post it citing community guidelines. That’s how they increase positive reviews. I have been a Amazon US and India customer since more than 10 years and I have seen Amazon getting worse. Amazon US is still good. It’s only Amazon India and it’s management that is horrble and resorts to malpracties."

Now after reading whole article or you can say blog, Should I or Should you play that quizes to win something?

I'll say No. You should not play these quizes to try to win something amazing, but you should play it for fun and having some interesting knowledge about some products or general topics. You will surely find these quizes quite interesting and also losing again and again can demotivate you to ever play these types of quiz again. So


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